Mori Natsuko


Mori Natsuko (last name, first name)

Quincy, Age 15

Talks in Indigo.

Reiatsu colour: Deep Sky Blue

She also has a cat.

Appearence and Personality

Natsuko is about 5'5", has long brown hair which she normally has tied back, and normally wears the Quincy uniform when she's expecting combat, otherwise just wearing casual clothes. She could quite easily be described as pretty.

She is very loyal to her friends, but is rather cautious. She does have a tendency to prepare an area where she expects a fight beforehand.


Natsuko has a higher than average level of intelligence, and has a fine tactical and strategic mind. She is also quite knowledgeable.

She is also skilled in the Quincy arts, specialising in the use of the Seele Schneider, and is also skilled in the use of Silver Tubes.

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