Nannan Abishai

Rank: Tercera Espada
Cero Color: Near Clear, appearing more like a sonic boom
Aspect of Death: Rage
Reiatsu: Abishai's Reiastu is a powerful shade of blood red that seems almost to roll like waves off of him.

Apperance: Nannan Abishai is lean, his pants baggy and frayed at the edges, his shirt almost more of a reminder, being cut at the end of his ribs, his sleeves ragged at the edges of his elbow. His belly button is lined with the number three, his symbol of his station as the Tercera Espada.

Abishai’s hair is oddly cut and kept long, ragged and almost bestial, his eyes are painted with strange tribal symbols his mouth is filled with far larger canine teeth then normal. His mask is on the left side of his face, and is more akin to the skull of a great cat then a typical mask. His hole is set into his left hand. It has been rumored he was at one point a Vasto Lorde….though his placement in the Espada seems to deny such a claim. Though it is well known he devours any lesser hollow that sought to attack him, and any Arrancar that attempts to take his position is met with swift death at his jaws.

Peronanlity: Abishai is a vicious attacker and combatant, seeking battle with the strong. He has a strong aversion to snakes, destroying any hollow with a serpent like form, and fighting viciously with those he cannot kill and devour outright. Outside of combat he remains silent, almost placid, only replying to others and rarely initiating conversation.

Zanpaktou: Mangosta(Mongoose) A long thin serrated blade

Resurrección: ROAR! MANGOSTA!- Abishai’s body grows far leaner, his mask growing over his full face, his lower jaw growing wider and stronger, the caninie teeth elongating to just below his eye. His speed and physical attack ability sky rockets, his movements almost on the level of sonido without evoking the move. While in this form Abishai’s sonido becomes faster than any other Espada, creaeting minor shockwaves each time he stops. His hands grow into vicious bone claws, and a series of large quils sprout from his back. While outside of his released state, it is said he is at half his power, giving into his full release unleash's the energy he has stored up over the years of devouring Arrancar and Menos alike. While it is uncertain it is said he has one of the strongest spirtual pressures of the Espada

Roaring Cero: Abishai’s signature move, a highly focused slashing Cero beam that can cut through walls and flesh with equal ease. So long as he has breath in his lungs he can keep the beam going. He can prefrom a Cero Oscuras in this form as well

** Serpent Slayer:** Abishairuns swiftly towards the foe, a single after image being formed as he disappears from sight. The after image fades as Abishai appears at the side of his foe

Scarlet Spine: Quills burst from a section of Abishai's body, it is unknown how many he holds inside of himself, or how fast they regrow

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