Nakamura Amaya

Height: 5'3
Weight: 75 lb.


Amaya is a skeletal waif, in some ways rather literally. Her flesh is in various states of decay. Her eyeballs are in surprisingly good condition, but much of the rest of her face has begun to rot (picture ZHOAS from Sluggy Freelance), and necrosis covers the rest of her body. At her elbows, knees and ankles, her flesh has rotted to the bone. Despite her decrepit appearance, she still is able to move around, eat, and in general act rather normally. She tends to wear loose gowns of various colors and bunny slippers. Her mask fragment covers the left half of her cranium, extending over her left eye.


Amaya, in general, is a good-natured space case. Several suspect, not without reason, that her brain is as rotten as the rest of her body. She tends to go long periods without interacting with the outside world, but is generally able to stay on task when given direct orders by Beth-sama. Much of the time when she isn't getting orders or spacing out, she goes hunting for Hollows, as her appetite is a fair degree larger than most arrancar.

General Abilities

Sonido: Amaya is actually extremely fast, only exceeded in this technique by Pallillo. However, without beginning to heal using her Dread Claws, she can only use the technique three times without tearing herself apart. Further, due to her spacey nature, she tends to be unable to use it to dodge.

Aim for the Head!: As a functional zombie, Amaya cannot be killed by anything other than the destruction of what remains of her brain.

Poor Sense of Touch: On parts that haven't been regrown by Dread Claws, Amaya has only the vaguest sense of touch, and as such is functionally immune to pain. This has both advantages and disadvantages.

Cero: Her cero is unusually powerful for a Fraccion, actually on the low-end of Espada-level ability. It appears as a greenish-white blast fired from her mouth.

Pesquisa: When she thinks to use it, Amaya actually has extremely sensitive Pesquisa, able to find a spiritually aware human ten miles away.

Hierro: Amaya has rather weak hierro, and is affected by blows much like a shinigami would be. However, her functional immunity to pain means that things do tend to have less stopping power against her.

Regeneration: Somehow, her body actually does endeavor to keep what little remains of it whole. Her regeneration is quite strong, able to heal foot-deep gashes within a couple of minutes.

Zanpaktou: Enfermedad.

Enfermedad appears as a meat cleaver, which she wields rather lackadaisically.

Ressureccion: "Consume, Enfermedad".
To perform her release, Amaya opens her mouth wide, so much so that she rips a few of the muscles of her lower jaw. She then swallows Enfermedad. The only external change that occurs afterward is that her fingernails grow into sharp, hard claws.

Ressureccion Abilities:
Sickening Aura: Amaya's reiatsu is adequate to churn the stomachs of even the strongest of foes. Those within one hundred feet of her have to actively concentrate on not throwing up. Unseated through about tenth seat are automatically incapacitated by this ability.

Dread Claws: Amaya's claws are extremely dangerous weapons. If she makes any contact with an opponent, the region that she touched begins to rot, depriving it of functionality. Simultaneously, her own body heals by an amount corresponding to the reiatsu thus degraded. This dramatically improves all of her physical abilities, which start out barely able to match a Vice Captain's, but, as she approaches full healing, reach into the low end of the Captain spectrum. After she seals Enfermedad, she slowly rots back to her default appearance over a day.

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