Mw Yvan Brillya

Name: Mw'yvan Brillya
Title: Sovreign Lord of the Earth
Age 876
Wyrd Dim Gray


Being a member of the Fae Courts, Mw'yvan is rather stoic, and slow in his political movements, always pondering each decision carefully like a Jeweler examines a fine piece of Gem cutlery, a glittering diamond in the rough, to be shattered in one powerful fist if it displeases him, or to be polished, and cut, turning it into something beautiful.

Most will note that he is this methodical in all things, never acting rashly, or out of status, some will take this as a sign of fear, others, the more wiser ones', take this as a sign of confidence that all things will get their due in time.


Mw'yvan's contract seems rather bland at first, he has made a contract with the Fae Elements of Earth, and Fire, allowing his hammer, as the shaky hand of one onlooker described later in a private journal.

"His hammer, gleamed like a dark star in his hand, and his presence loomed like a storm cloud around us all, we knew we had no hope when we went against the Fae, but this was more terrible than anything any of us had imagined. He moved ever forward, his foot steps slow compared to those of us with [insert British non fae Shunpo here.], before when a errant warrior dashed up to him, and he smiled, then his hammer struck out, now glowing white hot as if with the fires of hell itself, and it struck the errant warrior, and thus, it sending him flying back, a crater smote in his chest as if the Hammer was a meteor impact. He lashed out again, the hammer flying as if a lightning bolt from the dark storm of his presence, and it struck another of my fellows, yet I did not stay to see his fate, for smitten with terror I fled, leaving our Manor, and my Kin to a unknown fate."

I write these words in hope of aiding whoever dare to oppose the Fae, and as a last homage to my kin before I join them. Farew~"

The page ends there in a gory slash of dried blood, the name, and title of the writer are still not known to this day, but it is the only existing written account of Mw'yvan's Fae Contract at work, all other times he merely looks terrifying.


His contract with the Elements of Earth, and Fire, allow him a armor harder then Diamond, and the ability to manifest the heat of the sun itself in his blows, however, this isn't all it allows, when used together he can raise rivers of Molten Magma, which then turns them into Lava, anywhere he so chooses, violent geyser's erupting at any point, but they can be directed with a clenched, gauntleted, fist, thus allowing for pin point destruction.

Major contract of Stone: Mw'yvan is much stronger then your average Faeā€¦ Currently, he can toss around cars like they're paper airplanes, and laugh off most things that smaller beings can toss at him, unseated, and even Vice Captain attacks have little chance of penetrating his ungodly tough armor covered by a second contract.

Supreme contract of Earth's Resilence: With this contract with the Earth itself, he gains not only his harder then diamond armor, this when combined with the Major Contract of Star Fire, allows him to summon Lava.

Major Contract of Star fire: Through this he gains immunity to any flame that would grace his form, this extends to his equipment, and those he wills it to as well, but it's main benefit is the complete, and absolute, control of flame, and the ability to create, and contain it at any intensity he pleases. This ranges from a soft campfire, to a white hot heat that boils the stone around him that allows for the Magma effect detailed earlier.

Adequate Contract of Clarity: The sheer mass of Mw'yvan doesn't exactly work with shunpo, so when he made this contract, rather then gain this ability to move at incredible speed all the time, he can only gain access to these speeds in his realms of preception, and when he swings his weapon, the massive hammer nearly always moving with the speed, and grace of a shunpo expert.

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