Miyoshi Kiyoko

Physical Appearance: Kiyoko has a comely, almost always smiling face, sprinkled with freckles and punctuated by long, thick eyelashes. Her straight, silken hair is an indecisive shade of brown that dances between Auburn and nearly golden blonde on a whim. Though she stands nearly a foot shorter than many of the Male Shinigami in her Division that she is so comfortable hanging around, she can dance circles around all but four of them. Kiyoko's sash ties back into a large, draping bow that falls halfway down her back.

Description: Kiyoko was part of the Onmitsukidō Stealth ops before it was fully incorporated and merged with the 2nd Division, and as such thinks and behaves slightly different than many of the other Shinigami in her Division. She is softer spoken, slower to action, and far, far more decisive, in all things. Kiyoko served in the Stealth Force since she was hand-picked from the academy for her talent. She proved herself a valuable and versatile operative, and was given priority when the 2nd Division and Stealth Force were downsized for the merge into one force. She, among the seated officers, is one of only few who retain the Onmitsukidō influence on the Division, and keep the 2nd Division true to its roots. Since the integration, Kiyoko settled from the previously un-ranked system of the Onmitsukidō into the 6th seat of her entire division, which came as a surprise to her, but a responsability she has handled with grace. In light of recent events, she is now in truth the 5th strongest fighter of the Division, but the process of elevating each Officer to the seat above them takes some time to function, and has taken a back seat in the face of looming war.

Kiyoko is quiet, even among friends, smiling often, but seldom laughing. She holds three or four people in her highest respect, and views all others in terms of how similar they might be to that handful of people. When she does speak, she is known to provide wisdom and insight on a situation profound in its simplicity, and yet undeniable in its truth. She is very reserved, keeping most details and information about herself to herself, and only allowing those who have grown close to her to see what she is like under the outward shell. Beneath the face of quiet confidence and tranquil calmness, Kiyoko is very unsure of herself, and highly prone to second-guessing herself. She depends heavily on the approval of those who she respects, opting to use their value of her instead of her own. Kiyoko is currently the only Soul Reaper alive that knows this, but before the Onmitsukidō and the 2nd Division merged, she was emotionally scarred while on a black-ops Assassination mission. There is no outward evidence of this, but she has never fully recovered.

Zanpaktou: Kuroi Kitsune (Black Fox Spirit)

Sealed Form: Appears as a standard Zanpaktou with Pink binding along the handle. The sheath is ornamented with careful engravings of japanese roses that wrap around the length.
Sealed Abilities: Not Discovered.

Shikai Form: Takes the form of an ornate, Jet black bow with an Onyx quiver and matching arrows. The bow, due in large part to the skill of its wielder, is highly accurate even at very long ranges, and has a penetrating power not matched within Soul Society. The arrows are undetectable in flight, but, after the killing blow has passed, its trail is glittered with sparkling reishi particles.
Shikai Special Abilities: Kuroi Kitsune is an assassin's weapon; plain and simple. The bow is not useful in frontal combat; its bolts are not difficult to dodge once the intended recipient is aware of the wielder, and the glitter left by an arrow past means that once the first shot misses, one's position is betrayed and the opportunity is lost. Therefore, Kuroi Kitsune does not miss.

The bow's abilities, at current, are threefold;
Superior penetration. There is no armor, no barrier, no line of defense currently known in Soul Society that is capable of completely stopping an Arrow from Kuroi Kitsune. Kiyoko is not the type to openly experiment with her Zanpaktou, preferring to keep her style and its secrets hidden, but it has been theorized that even the Great Sekkiseki walls surrounding the Seireitei that protect it from outside harm would be hard put to keep one of the little darts from making their way through. The weapon's primary attack is an arrow through the heart, an arrow which will not be turned aside by any protection.

Nightshade poison. Even if the shot does not pierce the heart producing an instant kill, the arrows themselves are coated with a highly effective paralytic in the form of a black powder. This powder is unique among mundane paralysis poisons in that it is strong enough to render even the heart and lungs motionless, assuring a swift and unavoidable death.

Perfect undetectability. The third, and most powerful tool in Kuroi Kitsune's arsenal is the here-to-fore thought highly rare ability to completely disguise all hint of Spiritual pressure from its wielder. However, this field of undetectability goes beyond the Reatsu sense and also encapsulates the Visual, Audible, and Olifactory senses to render Kiyoko completely impossible to find, should she so wish.

Kiyoko trains long and in hard in secret with her Zanpaktou, and may have since unlocked additional abilities that she holds in the highest of secrecy.


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