Miaren Rose

Name: Miaren Rose
Title: Mistress of the Shifting vale of roses
Age Approximatly 300
Wyrd Yellow Green


Apearing as a woman in her late twenties and often dour in expression. Long flowing red hair streches down to her waistline framing a beautiful if somehow sorrow filled face. She is clothed in an endless variety of green dresses, changing to match her mood or the season or indeed anything else. When she isn't hiding them behind her mirror she has a large pair of wings composed entirely of vine sof thorns; useless for flight but very painful to get hit by.

Personality: Frequently dour but actualy just very bored, it has been a while since she found anything that entertained her to ay real degree. All her playthings have twisted and broken, mortal bodies were not meant to exist within the hedges boundries, and her puppets cannot provide her any greater joy. Eager when meeting new people she wants to find how these newcomers might entertain her but quickly grows bored and moves on to new sensations. Takes great initial delight in the breaking of her pets; physicaly, mentaly and emotionaly, but often regrets this afterwards when they are left unable to entertain her.


Contracts: Like all Fae, Miaren has made pledges and oaths with various aspects of reality.

Minor Contract of Mirror: Allows Miaren to shift her face to any number of female forms, used primarily for amusement and vanity as hiding from others is not her idea of fun.

Adequete Contrat of Stone: This oath grants Miaren the unatural strength of all fae, and makes her skin hard and durable as rock she has bargained with. To a lesser degree it allows her to manipulate the earth to better allow for the movement of plant life and facilitate rapid growth.

Major Contract of Elemental Flesh: Mairen's most insideous contract, it allows her to preserve and animate bodies using plant life she grows. These are not the former inhabitents of the bodies merely hollow shells and rarely retain any degree of power. Using these she can even maintain spiritual forms for as long as the vines and tendrils and roots within th body remain intact and nourished. While she mainly uses this for dolls for her own amusement, these dolls of course being former corpses, it can serve a much darker purpose in a batllefield situation. Armies of briar pierced bodies running towards the enemy intent on sharing their fate by Mairen's whim

Supreme Contract of Verdegirs This gives Mairen supreme control over all plant life, forcing it to grow in impossible shapes at fantastic speeds. Shaping herself a new lanscape within hours, as she pulls briar tangles from the earth and raises mighty trees. Should she command it those trees would tear their roots from the ground and doom themselves for her as they danced to her whim breaking her enemies on their stout braches. This can be used to boost plants to degrees of durability that should be impossible in nature, but of course she still requries everything a plant would need to grow. Some from of earth is needed as well as a supply of minerals and water in the ground from which to create from, her growths may occur in the blink of an eye but they still consume the resources of the world around her

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