Mia Von Geister

Fraccion to the Cuarta Espada

Appearance and personality

Mia is tall and of slightly above average weight, with wavy orange hair flowing down to her waist. Her uniform is the standard Arrancar hakama, but with several dividing vertical lines from waist to bottom. She keeps her zanpaktou sheathed horizontally along her back.

The remains of Mia's hollow mask appear as a pointed skullcap shaped like a squid's head, with a beak outlining her brow. Her hollow hole is centered on where her navel would be, but is only visible in her Resurrección form.

Mia's voice is deep and soothing, almost motherly, although it carries a subtle tone that she's looking down on who she's speaking to when she isn't speaking to Erscheinung, her fellow Fraccion, or Toho. In all cases, she acts as though she's trying to please others, but she often tries to get them to want what she wants, first.

Zanpakuto: Calamar Gigantesco (Giant Squid)

Calamar Gigantesco in its sealed form is a zweihander with a bronze handle bound in leather. While it's sealed, Mia fires her cero from the tip of the blade.

Mia's Sealed Abilities (other than the basics):
To be determined by Draken, since he may or may not have plans for the overall group. I'm not trying to be evasive, he has yet to reach a final decision.

Resurrección: "Drag them to the depths, Calamar Gigantesco."

Mia slides her zanpaktou into her hollow hole as she releases it, which triggers a steady glow of her cero's orange. When the glow fades, Mia has tentacles stretching out in place of her legs, having become solid (yet flexible) hollow armor from the waist down. Additionally, her normal body doubles in size in all directions, giving her an exceptional tentacle-span. As a final, more aesthetic element, she grows hollow armor gauntlets styled like the diamond-shaped tentacle tips, as well as a seamless breastplate that stretches up the back of her neck to fuse with her helmet.

Resurrección Special Abilities:

Void Ink: Mia can release a black abscence of spirit energy from her hollow hole, she can fire off a cubic meter per second since her last blast, to a maximum of ten cubic meters. Anyone inside is robbed of all of their senses but touch, and can't use any of their spirit abilities other than basic reiatsu auras like Hierro. The ink doesn't impede movement (other than shunpo/sonido directly through) or ranged attacks based on physical projectiles. It doesn't have any physical mass, so you cannot "attack the darkness." It just looks like ink because it isn't bound by a solid structure and it blocks sight. Apologies for lack of clarification.

Deep Pressure Hide: Mia's Resurrección heavily enhances her Hierro, especially in areas where her hollow armor is present.

Calamar Cero: Mia can fire her cero from any of her tentacle tips, but she can't charge multiple ceros at once. She can charge one while another is firing, however.

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