Name: Meshugah
Titles: Lord of Enduring Stone, Rock of Ages
Affiliation: The Grand High Court of the Fae, The Fae
Wyrd: Invisible; cracks appear in the ground around him

Background: Meshugah dates back to the creation of the Earth itself. Somehow, likely related to the twisted nature of Arcadian time, he remains much younger than Old Man Oath.

Appearance: A stone statue, sculpted into a muscular man with a classically beautiful face. He is sculpted with only a loincloth, and lines indicating the body paint of a Celtic warrior.

Personality: The personality that Meshugah feigns is one of enduring persistence toward achieving his ends, typically related to acquiring power. However, at certain points, he can be shockingly capricious, showing just how much of a mask his apparent personality is. Humans within his realm are put to work mining it for iron, and transforming it into rust, for he can feel the land, and it pains him. Or, he just finds it entertaining to see them laboring to create something worthless.

-Supreme Contract of Stone: This contract grants Meshugah unmatchable strength, at the cost of never leaving the ground. He also has the power to manipulate the surface of the Earth as he sees fit. This does not permit him to force any point of the earth five hundred feet beyond its resting point.

-Adequate Contract of Celerity: Meshugah is able to move fast enough to fight competently against nearly anything.

-Average Contract of Wood: By the connection plants share with the ground, Meshugah can manipulate them as he sees fit, unless one with greater right countermands him.

-Major Contract of Persistence: As the embodiment of stone, Meshugah can grant anything, from an idea to an object to himself, unnatural resilience. Anything affected by this power will last forever, unless acted upon by a great deal of power. Even then, it maintains obstinate endurance, taking far more force than normal to destroy.

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