Masato Shinichi
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Substitute Shinigami

Appearance and Personality

Masato is tall and fairly thin for his age. His dark hair is usually cut short and left scruffy and his eyes are a dark shade of brown. They almost seem like they're hiding something greater behind them, but that remains unknown. He tends to wear simple clothes most of the time, preferring not to dress-up for most occasions.

If anything can be said of Masato, it's that he is loyal to his friends and family. Although he may have a bit of a hot temper at times, he will protect anyone he thinks he needs to, even against unthinkable odds. He holds a promise as one of the most important things two people can have, and that breaking one is a terrible insult.

Aside from his loyal nature, Masato can be somewhat lazy as well. Although he can sometimes see ghosts and other spirits, he tends to take a melancholic approach to them, paying little heed when he can. With recent events, however, he has began to wonder if maybe things are getting out of control…

Zanpakuto: ?????

Masato's sealed zanpakutou is unlike most others. Although it appears generally as a normal katana, it is massive in size, standing just as tall as Masato is himself. The wrapping on the hilt is colored blue.


Masato's shikai takes the shape of a large, guardless sword, not unlike Ichigo's. However, the single edge is color pure black, and the rest of the blade appears to have a kind of white covering over it that thickens as it moves away from the edge. On the opposite edge, there appear to be two ridges that run the entire length of the blade and jut out downward like two fangs, which remain on either side of Masato's wrists when he is holding the sword.

It is a constant-release type zanpakutou, and has a few unique characteristics. As Masato wields it in combat, the blade will begin to heat up and start emitting steam. Once he unleashes enough power, the back end of the blade will erupt with crimson fire, which adds more power to all of his attacks. Additionally, he can fire blasts of flames from his zanpakutou as a projectile attack. One of the more unusual features of his zanpakutou is that it can cancel out the effects of Kido spells and thus protect Masato. It is unknown just how potentially powerful this ability could be if used properly, but since Masato cannot wield it very well, only a limited portion of its capability has been seen.


Masato's bankai is odd in that the blade becomes much smaller than his shikai, which seems to burn away as he swings it into the ground before him. The impact sends the remaining shards off in every direction and the crimson fire from his zanpakutou surrounds him, shooting up into the air like a massive pillar. After releasing, Masato gains a white, sleeveless haori with red flames adorning the sides. Red fur lines the top and is joined by thick white and red shoulder pads.

His abilities remain the same, including his signature wave of fire projectile, but with his energy now compressed into the blade, it makes the attacks much more potent and also allows him to fire them off more readily than before. He also gains a substantial boost in speed and strength upon releasing and his spiritual pressure changes into something unfamiliar and confusing, which will smother opponents if they let their concentration falter.

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