Mary "Raven" Low

Rogue Vizard


Mary has, as one might expect, long raven her, the locks of night reaching to below her shoulderblades, wild and untamed. Her skinn is tanned and worn by both sun, wind and salt allike, her eyes are a deep brown, some say her english father was handed a child by a spannish woman who tried to shoot him. The times from when Raven grew up have changed quite a bit, and so has her clothing, where she formerly used leather trousers, a thick trader's coat and a greatshirt, topping it with a large and nice hat, she now wears baggy jeans with high laced leather boots. She wears a slim fitting shirt with the buttons over her chest almost completely opened, and with her hair tied back by a big, brown ribbon. She also wears a long coat, made of leather, it's not as luxorious as the one worn by her a few hundred years ago, but at least it is something.

Zanpakuto: Storm

Her Zanpakuto takes the shape of a cutlass, clouds etched into its blade and waves into the basket guard.

Shikai: "Drown them, Storm!"

A caskade of water flows up around her, like the crests of waves crashing against a ship in mid storm, when the waves lower, the Zanpakuto has taken the shape of an aged, jagged harpoon, a thinn silver chain attatched to its blunt end and leaping to a coil of chain in her belt.

When wielding her Zanpakuto, Mary has a high preassured wave trailing the edge of the Harpoon, she is able to fire it away or hit with it, the force is that of the waves of a raging storm. Furthermore, she can throw the harpoon, tapping twice on the chain as she does so, turning the harpoon into a lightningbolt and increasing its speed to match, when she yanks the chain, the harpoon will return to her in its normal shape.

Bankai: "Great Storm of the Seas!"

Storm takes the shape of an eight foot tall and ten foot wide anchor, the same size as that of her greatest ship when she was still a pirate. Her clothes are replaced by those of her days of piracy, and she is draped in old rope and seaweed, the massive chains of the anchor wrapped around her arm.

In this form, Mary can control stormwinds, waves and thunder, all powerful enough to lay waste to towns, topple cities and sink the mightiest of ships. In addition, she still retains the production of massive waves from her shikai form, now with even more power.

Dead Man's Chest
Large pillars, akin to the blow-outs of great wales spring from any body of water, rushing upward with the force of underwater volcanic eruptions, whilst lightning clashes from the sky, strong enough to split a mighty oak in half with but one hit. Should the pillar catch its prey, arcs of lightning will clash into the pillar, time and time again.

Vizard mask

Her Vizard mask takes the shape of a venetian carnivale mask, a white porcelain face with holes for her eyes, a wonderful butterfly painted on one half, a horror from the deeps on the other, so disgusting and real in its painting that it is almost revolting to look upon.

The side with the butterfly holds the thinn, delicate lips of a venetian mask, the one with the horror of the deep however, bears the shape of a dead mans leering face, the row of bare teeth, pristine white, as if made of pearls.

The mask extends back above her ears in two wings, the right one the shape of a butterfly wing, the left one a ragged and torn finn and wriggling tentacles. They do not extend outward, the wings merely lay pressed against her skull.

Hollow powers

Increased Reiatsu/Hierro strength
Massive increase of raw power and abillity

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