Maru Karabai

Name: Maru Karabai
Rank: 3rd Squad, 3rd Seat, Funereal Officer
Reiatsu: Dark Slate Blue

Appearance: Maru Karabai is tall and vaguely intimidating, with long, lank hair, a hawkish nose, thick bags around his eyes, a downturned slash of a mouth and a semi-trimmed goatee. He wears the standard shinigami uniform, often mud-spattered and ratty around the legs, alongside a priest's thick-beaded necklace and a western-style broad-rimmed hat.

Personality: The only reason he's not abrasive is because he tries to have as little to do with others as possible. Otherwise, he's a study in contradictions - religiously dedicated, yet possessed of a love of money. Serene in his beliefs, yet acerbic in his duties. Willing to spend hours over the dead, yet cynical to the core.

He seldom smiles, but often snarls. Although hardly ever seen "happy", he can be seen to be at peace when attending to his duties - the preparation of the corpses of shinigami for their funerary rites, be they burial, cremation, or something more esoteric. He despises the defilers of corpses (one of few things that enrage him more than the incompetence of his lessers), and for this reason is opposed to 12th Division and even some members of 4th.

The only other pursuit that seems to hold any appeal to him is the pursuit of money - he is incredibly miserly, and hoards his much-loved cash as though he's saving it for something.

Zanpakuto: "Erokai"
Erokai takes the shape of a chokuto, with a plain sheathe and handle of dark brown and black. Its only ornamentation are a few religious symbols carved into the sheathe, and an old-looking coin set in the handle. Maru hates its name, and longs for the day when he acheives Bankai and can stop using it to release.

Release Command: "Bury corpses in the night, Erokai!"
Erokai turns into a large, sharp-edged spade, with a thick wooden shaft carved with religious symbols and text, and rounded handle studded with dull coins. Maru wields Erokai like an monk's spade in this form, although in this case the "spade" is rather more literal. By slamming Erokai into the ground, tip-first, Maru can exhibit the following abilities:
"The Improper Burial of the Foe"
Maru's enemy sinks into the ground. Maru may stop their "burial" whenever he desires, allowing for different depths, but cannot bury a foe more than six-foot beneath the surface of the ground.
"The Proper Burial of the Self"
Maru sinks into the ground, to a depth of up to six foot. From here he may tunnel through the earth at high-speeds, dragged by Erokai.


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