Marro Kassagrad

Primera Espada


Appearance and Personality

Marro is tall with an average build. His dark brown hair reaches to his shoulders and his face is clean-shaven. He wears the standard arrancar hakama and a long jacket, but also wears a gray scarf around his neck and looped across his torso (similar to Tousen's Hueco Mundo outfit). His zanpakutou is kept at the side of his waist at most times.

The remains of his hollow mask form a row of upper teeth, covering most of his hairline and keeping the long hair out of his face. His espada tatoo is located on the back of his neck and his hollow hole is found in the middle of his chest, but usually remains covered by his jacket.

Marro's personality matches his ordinary appearance. He is calm and calculating in most situations, often staying aside to observe rather than get directly involved. He often stays quiet when watching, but will sometimes taunt others if given the chance. In battle, his strategy is not to fight with strength, but with his wits. As mentioned, he will goad his opponents into fighting him, and usually let the challenger make the first attack in order to gauge their strength. He never fights with full-power, usually trying to draw out a battle as long as he can in order to let his poisonous gas overwhelm anyone else.

Zanpakuto: Hidra (Hydra)

A katana with a purple-gray hilt. The guard is that of a small serpent head with the blade protruding from its mouth. When sealed, Marro's power is strangely low for such a high-ranking Espada as well.

Resurrección: "Poison the world, Hidra."

In his resurreccion state, Marro constantly released a form of poisonous gas. When inhaled, it has the following effects:

Stage 1 - Mild skin and eye irritation.
Stage 2 - The gas reaches the lungs and begins attacking them, making breathing more difficult. Skin and eye irritation increases.
Stage 3 - The poison begins working its way into the bloodstream and to the muscles, cutting off their supply of oxygen and letting fatigue take over. The skin begins to burn and mild blindness may also result.
Stage 4 - The poison starts to shut down basic motor functions, causing paralasis in some parts of the body. Complete and possibly permanent blindness begins to set in.
Stage 5 - The poison directly attacks the heart, killing the victim.

When his eight fraccion point their swords toward him, they each dissipate into a purple-gray gaseous form and surround Marro, eventually blocking him from view. After a few seconds, the "bubble" of gas around him explodes, covering the area and revealing his new form. His hollow mask has expanded into a full serpent-like helmet, and two more serpent heads similar to the one on his own head appear on his arms and cover his hands. Attached to his back are six more serpent heads, like grotesque snakes growing from his own body. Three wait behind each shoulder and can be directly controlled by Marro at any given time.

The noxious gas continues to emit from his body, but in much greater amounts now. He can fire short blasts of the poison from any of the six heads behind him, or from each of his arms. As a more powerful tactic, he can expel it in all directions, covering the area in a heavy plume of it and forcing any hiding enemies to seek higher ground. He also has the ability to fire bursts of acid from any one of the heads, which will easily burn through most materials it touches. If his released body (or blood) touches any water, the poison will begin to spread and contaminate it.

When injured, Marro's poisonous blood will also burn through most materials and emit even more of the gas. Additionally, he can regenerate wounds very quickly and replace lost limbs in a matter of seconds. If any of the serpent heads are severed, they will quickly grow back with no adverse effects. The only way to prevent the regeneration is to sever Marro's own head, and thus kill him.

In addition to his abilities, his resurrección state also grants him a dramatic increase in speed, strength and hierro. Releasing his zanpakutou also allows him to fire a cero from any one of the nine heads on his body, or fire them all at once.

Powers and Abilities

Cero: Marro's cero is a sickly purple-gray in color and can be fired surprisingly quickly.

Keen Intellect: Marro is calm and calculating in a fight and almost never goes into a battle with full-strength. He will analyze his opponent as much as he can before performing any real attempts to defeat them.

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