Maria Jujulla

Fracción to the Primera Espada

Appearance and Personality

Maria is a teenage female Arrancar with dark-purple hair that she wears in long pigtails. She has a slender build and light-pink eyes. The remains of her hollow mask form the clips that keep her hair in pigtails, but also reach back and down her neck. She wears a tight Arrancar jacket without sleeves, a short skirt and long black boots that reach her thighs. Fingerless white gloves cover her forearms up to her elbows as well. Her hollow hole cannot be seen.

Maria acts strangely infatuated with Marro most of the time, which gives her a reason to do his bidding or fight to protect him. She has a very playful nature, which shows in her combat tactics. In battle, she enjoys having fun with her opponent.

Zanpakuto: Hidra (Hydra)

Maria's zanpakuto is identical to Marro's in every way, and since she is part of his resurrección, she cannot release the sword herself.

Powers and Abilities:

Cero: Maria has a pink cero which she fires from between the "V" of her two outstretched fingers.

Corrosive Zanpakuto: Maria's zanpakuto is unlike her fellow Fracción's in that it is able to corrosively burn anything it touches. While it is not very strong, it is enough to burn through clothing and severely damage skin.

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