Marco Gutman

Appearance: Marco has an exceptional athletic build for his apparent age, with bits of white along the sideburns and goatee contrasting his mainly black hair. He always wears sunglasses to hide his red eyes from curious humans of the normal variety (common folk.) His usual attire is that of white running shoes with modest red decoration, black jeans, and a red t-shirt under a black leather jacket. He will always have his doll, a deck of cards, on hand. Unless he has reason not to, he will always be shuffling.

Personality: Marco Gutman is very competitive, and a good sport if he's beaten. After all, you have to respect someone who can win even though his opponent is cheating. He sees life as a game, and the rules enforced by people only count if you get caught by said enforcers. When he isn't competing, he's very friendly and carefree. He speaks with a bit of a drawl.

Doll: Karte (German for Card)
The way Karte manifests depends on what sort of card Marco draws. Different suits represent different weapons, and different values of card specify the form: Numbers are floating objects, jacks are ranged combatants, queens are superspeed skirmishers, and kings have supernatural strength and toughness. Aces let Marco pick any form of manifestation in the ace's suit. Jokers don't manifest Karte herself, but a duplicate of Marco's opponent that's loyal to him and reversed in nature: shinigami are made to fight their inner hollow, while hollows must face a manifestation of their benign zanpaktou form.

Unlike Marco, Karte takes all forms of combat extremely seriously. It is only though loyalty to Marco that her sense of honor is prevented from making her expose him when he cheats.

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