Maeda Katsuhito

Captain of the 3rd division

The third squad captain is mostly a loner, though he wasn't always that way. Rumors say he was originally a street urchin in Rukongai, and was adopted into the Maeda clan early, with a girl as well. He despises conflict and usually tries to disable opponents without hurting them, unless other shinigami are threatened.

The third squad symbol on each kimono is the Marigold, representing the despair of war. And with good reason. The third squad captain knows war is something fearful and disparaging and hates it, but does what he can to help the effort of shinigamis. He is also often referred to by his first name, or even Katsu for short, but only by other Captains or Vice-Captains. He doesn't mind this but still keeps his distance from others; he fears losing another person close to him and so remedies the fear by not getting close to people.

Katsu wears his unruly hair down and unbound, his bangs drooping dangerously close to his left eye. Aside from that, he doesn't have anything completely unusual, as he rarely even takes out his zanpakuto, apart from the bamboo hat he seems to always be wearing. He also has an unusual yellow reiatsu, that acts almost exactly like electricity when it is fully released.

He prefers to use kido (especially Bakudo) and Shuunpo before even unsheathing his blade, so not many are privvy to the awkward shape of its blade.

Maeda Katsuhito knows Bankai, as all Captains do, but has rarely been seen using it. This doesn't quite mean it's completely imperfect though…

Zanpakuto: Raikiba

The Zanpakuto itself is strange and should be unwieldy but Katsuhito has been seen to wield it quite gracefully when he does. The sword is a katana but the bladed edge is jagged and patterned almost like a lightning bolt.

Shikai: Sora Wo Ware, Raikiba (Split the Skies, Raikiba)

The third squad captain raises the tip of his blade skyward and speaks, "Sora wo Ware, Raikiba." As he does so, he brings his blade down, as though smashing an invisible foe, and lightning strikes at a location of his discretion. This technique is very precise, despite using something as large as a lightning bolt. After releasing, the blade itself does not change, but he can simply do the movements as described before, without speaking the command. He can also bind the lightning to his blade for a short time by pointing his blade up again but this time calling, "Arashi no Tore (Take the Storm)" and a lightning bolt crashes down on Raikiba, setting it alight with electricty which spikes and hits foes even if the blade itself missed. He also has a final, Zanpakuto-shattering technique, where he tosses Raikiba into the heavens after which a storm of lightning bolts ensues, somewhat controlled by Katsu, but you wouldn't want to risk being within a mile of this technique regardless (except if you're Satoshi).

Bankai: Hikari to Kyousoushiro, Raikiba (Race Against the Light)

Captain Maeda grips his zanpakuto, and speaks, "Bankai… Hikari to Kyousoushiro, Raikiba" the entire blade evanesces and a (blinding) yellow electricity forms over him. This new form resembles a leopard made entirely of electricity. With it, he moves at nigh lightspeed and would be practically invisible were it not for the blazing light and raw electricity produced from the Bankai. Also, because of the magnitude of the electricity, it could probably kill most foes from several attacks (which wouldn't be too hard to amount) although an arrancar's hierro may reduce it to stunning. During Bankai he cannot use his hands or blade, and as such, cannot use any of his Shikai's abilities or Kido. Because of this, he tries not to use it during combat and has really only been seen by anyone once.

Inner Hollow

His inner hollow has a purple/violet reiatsu, and all the lightning summoned by his zanpakuto is a similar color while the mask is on. Not much else is known about the inner hollow other than it has a violent propensity like most hollows and is also known to be exceedingly powerful.

Other Abilities

In general, Maeda is a fairly strong kido user, capable of using low 60 level kido without incantation. His strength is further in his speed and shuunpo capability. Unarmed combat is not something he practices on too well, but he is only slightly below his level in that area. His reiatsu is also peculiar in that, it can actually electrocute foes (and friends, if left uncontrolled). He has also demonstrated the ability to absorb lightning-based attacks while wearing his mask.

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