Madhu Das

Staff Seargeant for ARC: South Western Division


Staff Sergeant Madhu Das is clearly of Indian American descent, his skin a dark chocolate tan. He dyes his hair often, despite being in a military organization, typically bleaching it. He is rather loose with dress code, encouraging his men to wear whatever is comfortable in the South Western Deserts and flat lands. He himself dresses in a light military trench and heavy combat boots or a simple lungi and bare feet. Many have likened his face to that of a fox, his eyes almost always slited, and a large smile plastered on his face.


Madhu Das is rather slack with personal command within his own unit, allowing his members far more leeway than others, allowing them to wear what they wish as noted above and even granting them extra “shore leave”. These loose rules are more akin to privileges, harsher disciple being meted out should a member of his squad falter in his duties. He is quick to forgive, and such punishments never last long but are enforced with iron clad law. Outside of his internal leadership, Madhu follows orders as best as possible, more worried about the end results then the steps getting there. Paper work is done as an afterthought, and there is a running myth about his level of poverty due to lowered wages and other similar punishments. Outside of the ARC, Madhu is quick to laugh and joke, and is fairly laid back. It is a rare sight to see him lose his temper or his smile.

Purifier: Shahrazad

Shahrazad is a large talwar that Madhu wears on his hip regardless of outfit

Purifier Spirit: Shahrazad is a woman of unsurpassed beauty, often times seen laying on a large set of pillows. She is dressed in sari the color of twilight. The center is the dark blue of a twilight night, but grows to softer lighter colors at its edges. Stars and a moon are often seen on its surface. She wears a veil over her face and her eyes are a sharp silver color

Shikai: "Tell me a story, Shahrazad"
Madhu Das holds his talwar straight out, horizontal with the ground. The air suddenly grows dry as the blade turns into sand. The blade is useless as a striking implement, the sand shattering and dispersing, only to reform into the sword. Madhu can concentrate and force the sand to compact, and use it as a whip to grab onto things, but it remains useless as a weapon. Upon activating the blades Shikai, Madhu can speak allowed a second activation, forcing the sand to break apart and fly around him like a massive sand storm. This sand gets in the lungs and eyes of all he fights, obscuring vision and sounds. The sandstorm extends at most fifty feet around Madhu but he can shorten this distance, even forming it into shapes. He can direct the winds into powerful eroding, flesh ripping blasts, even the strongest armors being torn away by the blasts. Interesting to note, the sheath of the sword remains, acting as a powerful club. Strikes from this club are searing hot like the desert sun, and its edges appear almost molten.

Bankai: "One Thousand Down. One to Go!"
The air around Madhu grows cold, as the sky turns into the dark blue of twilight, almost as if the whole day had suddenly passed in a daze of excitement and revelry. The air grows dry, and frigid and the smell of a desert night over powers all but the strongest of odors. While in bankai, the winds of the raging sandstorm grows die out. The sand forming around Madhu like a second skin before fading into the air like smoke. The sheath of his blade turns into a large khanda, the edge glitering with salt and ice, the blade itself made from metal the color of the night sky filled with stars. While in Bankai, Madhu can will his body, either singular parts or he whole, into sand. While in this form Zanpaktou that are tied to the elements of water or ice deal massive damage, forcing his body to revert to flesh and blood. He can summon massive sand storms far more powerful then that of his Shikai. His blade no longer has a heated edge, though a faint cold mist seeps from its surface. He can control any and all sand in the area to form structures or extra weapons, the strength of such items soley dependent on their size. Smaller objects are denser and are thus harder, while structures shatter from most hand to hand attacks, acting merely as first line defenses.

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