Lisette Morgane

Third Knight of the New Enclave


Appearance and Personality

As one of the hunters to be promoted up to the rank of 'Knight' when their order was devastated, Lisette oftentimes wonders if she is deserving of the position or was merely promoted out of convenience. Her experiments and study into body-glyphs were considered risky and foolish, that hasn't changed, but yet now some of her fellows consider it a necessary evil if their group is to thrive once more. As a Knight, Lisette has gone to surprising lengths to learn how to read other people, both as an aid to Enclave troops by offering a supportive and understanding shoulder to lean on and as a method of defeating hollows by predicting their next moves. As a result, Lisette has proven a capable commander, so far, and a good role model to lower ranking members of the Enclave as if to make up for past mistakes.

When not in her customary steel breastplate and navy dress, Lisette prefers to dress in a manner that would have been considered fashionable back when the Enclave was first started. Rarely is her hair braided or done up in any fashion, nor does she wear any particularly ostentatious decorative items besides a curious affinity for raven feathers. Despite this, Valerie manages a poised and refined air that would make her just as much at home in a masquerade ball as it does when she dances about a hollow and cuts it to ribbons.


Lisette is one of the few members of the Enclave that has managed to delve into the art of body-glyphs, and her success can only be attributed to her unique nature. However, despite her mastery (compared to others) with them, she only has the one tattooed over her left shoulder and the one emblazoned on her breastplate. Aside, of course, from the passive glyph all Enclave members share.

Glyph of Nox Noctis Formidonis: This glyph allows Lisette to emit a pulse of fear that can frighten off weaker opponents, though it only disorients and shakes up those who are close to her level of ability. The pulse only extends out a short distance, perhaps twenty feet at the most, but it saved Valerie's life on more then one occasion to off-balance an enemy or send a swarm of weak opponents running.

First Glyph of the Mens Mucro: This Glyph, placed on Lisette's left shoulder, is one of the few body-glyphs that exist at the moment. By means of it's use, Lisette is able to create a blade of reishi that extends from her right hand. Despite being insubstantial, it is edged on both sides and comes down to a wicked point that hasn't failed against an enemy yet. However, her body still hasn't adapted to the glyph and thus it exerts a lot of strain, even on her inhuman amounts of energy, ensuring that she only uses it in short bursts to converse her reishi supply.

Praemium: The ability that resulted in Lisette's experiments into body-glyphs be branded as dangerous, Lisette herself is unsure if the ability is even the result of a glyph or what exactly it is. What Lisette does know is that…at certain points when Lisette is pushed to some thresh hold, her body erupts into a large ball of cleansing golden flames, the strength of which depends on how much of her energy it consumes. The ability is dangerous, not only because it could harm allies, but because Lisette has no REAL control over when it may activate and cannot keep the golden flames from using up the remainder of her energy. This means that the explosion can be quite powerful or…barely a threat, making it a wild card at best. ((OOC: This ability is a result of her mind-blade glyph.))

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