Liani Sarue

Liani Sarue Member of the Stealth Force (Squad Two 5th Seat), Former Squad Five 7th Seat

Age: 59, Male

Liani is quite a handsome man on the occasions where he reveals himself. He has mid length blonde almost white hair and extraordinary silver eyes. He's well built from years of combat training and finely toned muscles seems to clash with his slightly effeminate features. He wears a long black travel cloak with a hood which he uses to conceal himself. Underneath he wears the traditional garment of squad five. His Zanpaktou is short resembling a wakizashi he wears it strapped to the inside of his cloak. Emblazoned on the back of his cloak is the symbol of the Stealth Force.


Liani is a liar and cheat, however he is devoted to his line of duty and his friends if you makes them. While he is fairly charming, he doesn't like to engage in pointless banter and every conversation will have a point, however he rarely cuts to the chase he prefers to draw information out in a way that by the time they realize what they've told him it's too late. He's fairly reserved and likes to hold people at a distance.

Zanpaktou: Seri Curenta

Sealed Form: A single ivory white blade it's around a 2 feet long end of the hilt to tip. It has a guard shaped like a tear drop.

Shikai: Seri Curenta, de gratie de la Marea ruptura

The blade splits into two identical blades they each have a blue tear shaped jem in the hilt. Both blades are ivory white and 2 feet long tip to hilt.

Taierea apa : Water gathers around the blades making them exceptionally sharp.

Vintul de soarta: A blast of air is sent out from the blade in a radius.

Bankai: Not yet obtained.

Kido: He is quite well versed in many Kido as well as some known only to the Stealth force.Liani Sarue Member of the Stealth Force (Squad Two 6th Seat), Former Squad Five 7th Seat

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