Lexandra Kaizuki

Lexandra Kaizuki - 12th Division, Vice Captain

Age - 357
Height - 5'11"
Weight - 110lbs taking into account bone replacements (original weight at around 135lbs)

Appearance: Lexandra, who prefers to be known as Lex, is a fairly tall woman, with a body that is almost entirely lean, corded muscle. Though rather thin, Lexandra is extremely well endowed, something that causes her no small amount of discomfort and embarrassment. She has chin-length, roughly cropped copper-tinged brown hair that was formerly much longer, worn in a braid that falls past her knees. Much of this braid was burned off after an unfortunate encounter with Kohaku, much to Lexandra's displeasure. Her functional eye is a smokey grey, and flickers with thin, glowing silver-grey lines across its surface, part of a recent biotechnology body modification. The entire left side of her face is a mass of scar tissue, supplemented with bits of twisted metal and wiring. There is a small black orb where her missing eye should be. Her nose is pert and upturned, and her lips are a subdued rose hue. She would be a great beauty, if not for the accident that essentially blew off half of her face.

She wears a simple outfit that consists of a dark green low-cut, sleeveless top and a pair of jeans that are covered in burn marks and soot. Over top, she wears a leather welding apron that falls to her knees, and shows signs of frequent use, as well as an oversized leather toolbelt bristling with strange metal implements, tools, and a surprising array of daggers. Her shinigami robes are torn and ragged, and she wears them open, as a sort of coat, over top of her usual ensemble. She wears a sturdy pair of black army boots that lace up to her mid-calf, though they are hidden beneath her jeans. The boots add nearly an inch to her already imposing height, and she towers 6' tall while wearing them.

Lexandra wears a delicate golden locket around her neck that is engraved with the kanjii for purity, though she will not answer any questions relating to it. It seems strangely at odds with her rough appearance, and is polished and well-maintained. Possibly her most remarkable feature, however, is the punching dagger of dull, grey metal that is attached to her wrist in place of her right hand, that seems to be able to assume the shape of a real hand, albeit one made of jointed metal, at will.

Personality: Perhaps the best word to describe Lexandra is cynical. Cynical and detached, she seems to be perpetually bored, and only shows interest in her crazy inventions and schematics, explosions and anything that is insanely dangerous, over which she can become obsessed. Lexandra is also incredibly silent. She hasn't said more than four consecutive words to anyone in the last century, preferring to express her thoughts through gestures, most of which are highly inappropriate. Generally disorganized, she is always scribbling notes on some schematic, blueprint or plan, but never seems to have any of her paperwork done. She frequently tests her dangerous and oftentimes unstable experiments on herself or anyone else around her, generally without permission. These experiments are almost always successful, as she is something of a genius, though she does not truly consider herself as such, believing that her intelligence is solely the result of her cerebral enhancements. Her brain is akin to a calculator, able to calculate almost any mathematical equation in seconds. She abhors laziness in her subordinates, and often abuses her Zanpakto abilities to punish them. She is rather violent, and it is unwise to disturb her while she is working, as she is prone to throwing writing implements with uncanny accuracy and force. She never mentions the accident that destroyed half of her face, but it seems to have done nothing to change her cavalier attitude about danger.

Rank: Vice Captain. For someone in such a high-ranking position, she never takes politics and meetings as seriously as she should. If the problem can't be solved with technology, she doesn't feel that it's a problem worth solving. She is frustrated by what she considers to be an overly small budget, as even in this position the funds alloted to her experiments never seem to be enough to construct her advanced and complex inventions. Never having much respect for authority, she is fortunate that she is of such a high rank, as this means that she need not be polie or respectful to any but the most high-ranking individuals. Even so, she is surprisingly devoted to her job, and for all her uncaring, there is something that keeps her working her hardest to keep things running, despite her seeming lack of caring.

Division: Lexandra is a member of the 12th division, and her silence and peculiar quirks go generally unnoticed. The best thing, in her opinion, is that no-one cares if she goes for a week without saying a single word, not eating, sleeping or moving except to scratch a pencil across paper. Which she does… frequently.


Mechanical Eye: The replacement eye that Lexandra created and implanted into the left side of her face has limited functionality, providing her with limited peripheral vision, imperfect, grainy images and continuous feed that does not turn off even when she is asleep. She has learned to live with these problems, having had this eye for more than ten years since the previous upgrade. She is constantly designing new iterations, but never seems to have the time to make these upgrades, nor does she have the required budget. The current design is not waterproof, and the electric backlash if it gets wet would probably render her unconscious, with even further facial damage. This is mainly due to the large number of exposed live wires that are anchored to the surface of her flesh. She is working to change this, slowly internalizing the majority of these wires, but the procedure is long and painful, and only partially complete. The eye functions otherwise as a normal eye, save that the orb of the eye is nearly impervious to damage, though the additional components and mounting are vulnerable.

Eyescreen: Lexandra's eyescreen is a recent implant of biometric circuitry, behind her right eye, that gives her a highly detailed visual overlay that she can turn on and off with a twitch of her fingers. This overlay is composed of a matrix of glowing silver-white lines that are visible crossing the surface of her eye. They move across her field of vision without interrupting it, though they can be distracting. She can monitor spiritual energy signals and identify them with great accuracy, and can also use this display to review text and calculations through instantaneous downloads from her computer network and neural interface, though little about either is known. All of this information is encoded, and is usually relayed at such speeds as to make deciphering by anything short of a supercomputer impossible. Lexandra is able to understand everything with ease however, and is working on additional enhancements that could allow her to analyze the Zanpakto abilities of others, as well as some general refinements to the functionality of the device. Though she won't say it, a video function, for both recording and playback, is in the works. Not for surveillance or espionage purposes, however. It would just give her something to watch during meetings. It's hardly conspicuous.

Bone Replacements: Lexandra has been steadily replacing the major bones in her body with exact replicas made of titanium, steel and high-impact aircraft ceramics, through a combination of her Zanpakto abilities and surgery. These are far more durable, lightweight and sturdy than her original bones, and, in the case of the metal bones, she can use her power to repair them in the event that they are damaged. The repair process does cause her a great deal of pain despite the speed at which it can be done, and there is always the risk of severe damage to her internal organs, but it can still be highly beneficial. She seems to be replacing them in a 'patchwork' pattern, one at a time. She has replaced nearly all of her ribs, a few arm bones, her jaw, the entirety of her spine and the major bones in her right leg. The rest is yet unfinished, though she adds a bit more whenever her mood is influenced by certain unwanted emotions and she feels the need to bring herself back to reality. These replacements are done under carefully controlled conditions, oftentimes with the grudging help of her 'assistants' in the case of major replacements that she cannot perform unaided. During these replacement procedures, electric currents are periodically run through the nervous system in the area being replaced to ensire that no nerves or delicate muscular components are damaged through some act of carelessness or stupidity. The replacements seem to be happening more and more frequently since her recent promotion to Vice-Captain. These bone replacements have revealed some of her more masochistic tendencies, as well as her more grounded, contemplative side.

Side Effects: Lexandra has known for a very long time that the negative impacts that the near-constant modifications have on her body, and it seems that her time is finally running out. Some of her oldest components, namely those implanted into her brain nearly two decades ago, have begun to degrade, and owing to the fact that they run on a nuclear battery, this may well kill her, or at least render her in a coma. She has only about a month remaining to rectify the issue, and is unlikely to make the deadline, as the only solution is a full upgrade of her entire physical self, which requires many specialized pieces of equipment and laboratories which do not as of yet exist in the 12th division. The side effects are already becoming apparent, as she experiences near-constant agonizing pain in her skull, intermittent lapses in her mental functioning that render her unconscious for hours at a time, and general degeneration in the function of her mind. The panic induced by the thought of her unavoidable death has also made her develop something of an obsession with time, as well as making her more talkative and emotional. It is clear that she does not want to die before she has exhausted her resources and created as many blueprints of her revolutionary ideas as she possibly can. She also seems determined to make known truths and feelings that she never before thought to be worth expressing. Facing the reality of death has changed her, and she is likely to become either more absorbed in her technology or more emotional as her end approaches, depending on certain factors beyond her control.

Zanpakto: Perfect Limb

Lexandra’s zanpakto is a sort of punching dagger that is attached to the stump that was once her right hand. The zanpakto was originally a sword of some kind, but is now a short dagger, about a foot in length, that is fused to her wrist with wires, solder and bandages. She created the dagger from the sword that she originally weilded while experimenting with metalwork, and reportedly cut off her own hand to attach her creation. The dagger is made of a dull grey metal, and has a faint tracery of black lines across its surface, hinting at the wires within it that allow it to change form. Lexandra can change her dagger into a fully articulated metal hand of the same proportions as those of her natural hand, save that this hand is nearly ten times as powerful. She has learned how to be very dexterous with her metal hand, and can use it with even more precision than her natural one. This transformation takes only a second, and can be done at will. She can also change the appearance of her dagger, causing it to have barbs, serrated edges or similar protrusions, provided that it maintains the same approximate dimensions.

Her zanpakto spirit is a small creature, about the size of a terrier, that seems to be a rather featureless blob composed of liquid metal and wires. It seems to be constantly morphing, but it always remains at a constant size, and has vivid blue orbs that seem to serve as eyes. Lately it seems to be favoring a form that can be vaguely interpreted that of a housecat. It has a very high-pitched, grating mental voice, and a very stiff manner that is very much at odds with her own disregard for rules and laws, meaning that they often argue. It has a great deal of creative insight which she often gleans from while working on her experiments, but its aloof tone makes his suggestions seem patronizing and unwelcome. Little more is known about it, as Lexandra simply has neither the time nor the incentive to pay attention to what she considers to be unimportant trivialities.

Zanpakto Abilities:

Lexandra’s Zanpakto gives her the ability to liquefy metal at will, which may explain the mutable state of her metal hand. She retains this ability to a lesser degree when her Zanpakto is sealed. She only needs a second’s focus to liquefy a metal object, though larger objects, human sized or larger, require considerably more energy and effort. This liquid metal can be of any temperature, at her discretion. It retains the strength that the metal possessed as a solid, and also retains its former hardness and impenetrability. She can control this liquid metal with only her thoughts, and can make it move as she likes, and change it into any form that she desires. The metal does not seem to obey the laws of gravity when it is in under her control, allowing her a great deal of freedom. She can solidify the liquid metal at will, and it will retain its structural integrity when solidified, making it a great asset to her as an inventor, aiding her in her experiments. It is also a highly useful tool for both close and ranged combat, and can even be used to encase her opponents in liquid metal, which she then hardens, trapping them.

Shikai: Augment, Perfect Limb

Lexandra’s dagger nearly triples in length, the blade widening until it resembles nothing so much as a broadsword. The fusion point at which her dagger attaches to her arm becomes perfect and seamless, with a shell of the same metal encasing her right arm along its entire length, spreading across her torso, front and back, to form a protective armor casing, which does not limit her movement in any way. The blade gains a brighter metallic sheen, as though polished, and the matrix of wires disappears, the blade becoming featureless and clean. This stage grants her an increased control over metals, her control area increasing to nearly a square mile. She is also able to liquefy far greater quantities of metal with almost no effort, and her control of her liquid metal becomes almost perfect, to the point where the metal moves as an extension of herself. She also gains limited control over solidified metal objects without needing to liquefy them, and is able to move them, though this is difficult for her at the best of times.

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