Leonardo Abarca

Leonardo Abarca- Fraccion to the Segunda Espada

Cero Colour: Red

Appearence and Personality: Leonardo appears like a tall man, standing 6' tall, with a large amount of red hair that is styled in a way that suggests a lion. His Hollow mask is a large jaw that rums all the way along his chin.

Leonardo is feircely loyal to Takeshi, and the relationship between them is almost a student-teacher one. This is further suggested by the fact that Leonardo refers to Takeshi as "Takeshi-sensei"

Zanpaktou: León

León takes the form of a katana, with an engraving of a running lion along the blade.

Resureccion: Roar, León!

When Leonardo's Resureccion is activated, he morphs into a form that although still bipedal, is very similar to that of a lion. In this form, his speed and strength are both vastly increased. (Sorta like Grimmjow's Pantera, but lion instead of panther)

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