Lance Delaney

AKA "Quicksilver"

After defeating Harubo, Lance's purifier dispersed, highly upsetting his balance between hollow and shinigami, and sending him into hollowfication. He's now a relatively normal arrancar.


Lance is on the tall side of average height, with short black/dark brown hair. His facial features are sharp, and without blemish, though he's usually seen with a varying degree of scruff on his chin, and constant dark circles under his eyes from lack of sleep. His body is thin but muscular, most of it in his legs. His skin is almost always a tan shade.
His uniform consists of a standard Arrancar Hakama, and an open-vest shirt with the sleeves rolled up.
Lance's mask fragments are located on either side of his mouth bordering his chin, with three small holes in each, giving the impression that he could have cat whiskers. His hollow hole is located in the center of his chest.


Lance's mood varies, but when communicating with someone he doesn't have a grudge against his demeanor is snarky and hardly serious. In friendly competition or fights with those who have yet to provoke his ire, he is usually still pretty "friendly", throwing out taunts and insults that he hardly means. All in all, he is a fairly civil, laid-back, and good-natured person as long as he doesn't develop a grudge. When he does, though, and he is somewhat unpredictable as to when this can happen, things are unpleasant at best. He fights with ferocity and ruthlessness in such situations, and it's rare to see any sign of mercy from him.
Lance has a general disrespect for rules, and rarely thinks his actions through before doing them, let alone explain why he does them. He is extremely protective of friends/allies, and every extreme action he takes is usually to protect them.

Zanpaktou: Gato del Trueno.

In its standard form, Gato del Trueno takes the form of a standard katana, though its blade is made of gold, and gold thread embellishes the hilt. The crossguard is fairly standard, though has lightning engraved into it, as does the entirety of the blade.

Resurreccion: "Electrocute, Gato del Trueno!"

Lance's entire body is covered in form-fitting bone armor, with large bone clawed gauntlets on either hand, that exude electricity at the wrists, and paw-like boots that also generate electricity at his ankles. Two distinctive ears protrude from headgear that wraps around his forehead and over his normal ears. Finally, he has a prehensile bone tail that exudes electricity at the end as his hands and feet do, though it's more solidly shaped somewhat like a lightning bolt.

General Abilities: While the armor coating around Lance's body is strong enough to keep many opponents from being able to cut him, foes of Vice Captain, Captain, or even upper seated strength can easily pierce through.
Lance's land speed has the largest increase, going up to Mach 25. He can't effectively use this speed in combat, however, keeping his general speed more near 15.
His cero and bala don't change much, but they are a fair bit stronger.
His regeneration gains a minor boost, and his endurance to blows is about the same, but in this form instead of just merely completely shrugging off lightning-based attacks and kido, he absorbs it completely, boosting his regeneration and if generally unharmed, it increases his strength for a short period of time.

Thunder/Lightning Sonido:

  • Thunder: Using this variant of Sonido, upon touchdown at the destination of his sonido, loud sonic waves akin to thunder rock the area, dealing massive damage to structures, as well as potentially deafening anyone in the area.
  • Lightning: Using this variant of Sonido, Lance travels as fast as a bolt of lightning (130,000 mph, 209,000~ km/h, mach 180). Unfortunately, its use in a fight is impractical at best, as his perception doesn't keep up with his speed, usually shooting him FAR off from a battlefield, and sometimes sending him crashing into/through structures. Therefore, its most practical use is long-distance travel. The path he uses is akin to a lightning bolt, hence its name.

Lightning Brace: Lance can freely manipulate the amount of voltage generated around his wrists, ankles, and tail, to increase his fighting capability; In some cases it may cause minor to major wounds, or just stun the opponent, disrupting the opponent's control of their muscles.

Espada del Relámpago: Lance can remove the lightning-bolt shaped part of his tail, regenerating instantly, the object proving solid, and viable for use as a weapon, either in hand or thrown. As a standard weapon, it functions much like his normal hand-to-hand fighting with lightning brace, but if an opponent holds it or has it stuck in their body it continually shocks them.

Lightning Cero: The strongest voltage of Lance's standard cero, which appears similar to a bolt of lightning. It's speed isn't comparable, but it's still fairly hard to dodge compared with the fact that it doesn't follow a straight path.

Relámpago Cero: Different from Lance's standard cero, this version can be used to bring a beam of concentrated lightning down from the sky on an opponent, or used directly from Lance's hand. It obliterates solid reishi material/terrain, but spiritual beings stay intact, albeit heavily wounded unless their defenses are greater than the damage the cero can bring about.

Bala del Trueno/Relampago:

  • Trueno: This variant of bala is equivalent to a wave of sound, harder to dodge, but dealing less damage, and traveling considerably slower.
  • Relampago: This variant of bala is more compact, but faster. It can leave vicious wounds that have a secondary effect of stunning the recipient.


In combat, resurreccion or no, Lance cycles between long-range and close-range fighting with whatever fits the situation, usually not fighting seriously unless an opponent is particularly threatening. When he's serious, he tends to favor wholehearted offense over defense, even going so far as to leave himself open as long as he gets a big hit on his opponent. While his physical strength isn't remarkable among his peers, his speed is top-notch, and it reflects in his tactics.

Unreleased strength/powers:
Hierro: Lance's hierro is average for a fraccion, proving hard to cut through for non-seated-level opponents, and easier to cut for higher seated.

Cero/Bala: Lance has average fraccion-level cero/bala in terms of strength, though his bala are faster than usual, and his cero travel in a zig-zag path, almost like a bolt of lightning.

Speed/Sonido: Lance can manage Mach 15 outside of resurreccion. His sonido give off an unusually loud displacement sound, almost similar to thunder.

Pesquisa: Lance's pesquisa reaches twice as far as the normal arrancar by manipulating electric currents in the air.

Thunder Cloud: One of the powers that Lance can manifest in or out of resurreccion is the ability to create a small thunder cloud that's large enough for him to ride on. It doesn't move anywhere near as fast as he can, but it's an easy form of travel. In addition, he can will it to fire small bolts of lightning, but they are little more than a nuisance to stronger opponents.

Lightning Immunity: Outside of resurreccion, Lance isn't so much as wounded by lightning-based energy attacks, kido, or cero/bala similar to his own. He also has an abnormal resistance to sonic energy.

Rubber Weakness: As a natural insulator, a large amount of rubber can be used to completely neutralize Lance's lightning-based techniques, in resurreccion or not. With that logic, other natural insulators work, as well.

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