Kusuriya Suiyaku

Name: Kusuriya Suiyaku

Rank: 12th Division 4th Seat

Appearance: A skinny man in a Shinigami uniform with test-tubes, hip flasks and bottles lining every pocket, Kusuriya’s long black hair completely covers his face, with the occasional exception of his nose. Often, a straw will lead up through the hair into his mouth, strangely coloured liquids flowing through it from one of his flasks.

Personality: Kusuriya tends to suck up to his immediate superiors while largely dismissing everyone else, with the possible exception of Kibajo Kokokon. He often dozes off when not slurping one of his bizarre potions, thanks to crippling somnophobia.

Release Command: "Hubble and bubble, Mikisa!"
Release Form: Mikisa transforms into an oversized mortar and pestle - Kusuriya sits in the pestle, which flies according to his will, and wields the pestle as a large club.

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