Kuso Kessen

3rd Seat of 12th Squad

Reiastu: Olive


A thin muscular body covered by the standard shinigami uniform for 12th squad, Kuso Kessen's most distinctive feature is the sharp contrast between his large dark red eyebrows and the pale skin of his shaven bald head. A pair of thin-framed sunglasses complete the unusual appearance.


The guy's a freakin' robot. Everything he does happens for a reason, even if that reason is highly improbable or insignifigant. His eccentricity is worrisome to his peers, but most believe it's just a copping mechanism to deal with being the de facto head of the 12th Squad on account of the lack of interest his superiors have in current events.


Kuso Kessen's zanpaktou doesn't have any fancy decoration to it, being simple and functional.

Shikai: "Calculate, Takusen."

Kuso's released zanpaktou looks like a cross between a greatsword and a fraternity paddle. The blade is a long rectangle, but maintains a razor edge along the border. The guard is a box that has ten square studs in a two by five pattern on both sides. So long as he maintains his grip on the sword, Kuso can calculate probabilities with such power that he can see up to two seconds into the future.

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