Kusato Ikaru

Kusato Ikaru

Reiatsu: Black

Appearance: Kusato is slight, and tall. He wears the traditional Vice Captains outfit, keeping the sleeves. He sports no peircings or tattooes, and his fiery red hair is slicked back over his head. He always appears to be smiling, with closed eyes, and wears a pair of Scary Shiny Glasses.

Personality: Kusato is a loudmouthed, smooth-talking, conman-type character who thinks of himself as charismatic and dashing as opposed to everyone else who think of him as an arse. Nevertheless he tends to get his way over his twin brother. He dislikes violence because of the potential of him getting hurt, but he will happily steal, con, trick and cheat in order to win a fight. He is darkly cheerful and has an acerbic wit which he uses to rile people up. He always pokes fun at his twin brother, but clearly regards him with immense affection.

Zanpaktou: The name is Firano, and it is a traditional Western longsword, but made of glass.

Shikai: Shatter, Firano!- Kusato’s glass sword shatters into a thousand pieces of broken glass, which spreads over the whole area. The glass scatters the floor, ridiculously sharp, but he and Vasae can both move over it unharmed, the glass crunching harmlessly against their bare feet (he and Vasae are always barefoot). And the glass can also be animated to move ina deadly razor cloud like Byakuya's petals, but this takes a lot of effort on Kusato's part and cannot be maintained long.

The 100-foot area which the broken glass covers has a particularly strong, increased gravity which means shunpo or sonido cannot be used while inside the area of broken glass, and neither can leaping into the air or flying be used to escape having to walk over the glass.

Bankai: His Bankai is identical to his Shikai except the glass is permanently animated and can be made into shields, complex constructs that Vasae can run over, or even "broken glass golem" creatures. The broken glass reflects blindingly in the sun, flooding the area with light that blinds everyone apart from Kusato and Vasae. Then the shining glass forms bridges, platforms, cascades into stairs, etc.

When in Bankai, Kusato's reiatsu mixes with his twin brother's to create one Captain-level grey reiatsu.

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