Kureji Niji

Name: Kureji Niji

Rank: 12th Division, 6th Seat

Voice: Italics, with a pronounced stutter.

Appearance: Somewhat shorter than average, Kureji appears to be in his late teens. He has shoulder-length brown hair, large brown doe eyes, and a button nose. Normally wears standard shinigami uniform, a horrified expression, and some sort of disgusting fluid (blood, bile, pus, amniotic fluid, battery acid) splattered across himself.

Personality: Wanting to make his mother happy, Kureji joined the shinigami academy and passed with above-average grades. Hearing that the 12th Division was populated by all kinds of geniuses, and hardly ever saw field action, he signed up there. This was a mistake, as the increasing mental trauma caused from becoming the flunky of choice in the division has shown.

He's recently been promoted, through a combination of unwavering obedience, his increasing strength as a combatant, and a number of psychotic breaks. He's oddly devoted to Kinkuzo, for all he keeps quiet about it.

Release Command: "B-Bring it d-down, Kujirakira!"
Release Form: Kureji's standard zanpaktou shifts into a harpoon. Its shaft is smooth bone, like an elongated femur, while its bone head is more like a spiny protusion from some deep-sea creature. Kujirakira is attached to the wrist by a chain, making retrieving it (or pulling yourself after it) an easier prospect. When the head impacts into an enemy, the spines in the head ripple and shift, lodging painfully in the body, and taking chunks with it when removed.

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