Koyama dresses in mostly skimpy battle torn clothing, a single red jacket cut off just above her ribs seeming to be the only article of clothing that remains solid and unaffected by her brawls. She has dark brown hair that is spiked upwards, and wears a headband with a single metal plate which she uses to perform powerful headbutts. Koyama's mask seems to be her head band, though it is not certain. Her hole's location is unknown


Koyama spends most of her time in a constant state of inebriation, so her true personality is relatively unknown. She slips in and out of violent fits of rage and long periods of stupor. To the few other Fraccion and fellow Arrancar that have seen her sober, she is mostly hung over, keeping to herself.

Zanpaktou: Cervesa

Cervesa appears as a massive sake jug with the kanji for “Green” painted on its side with black paint.

Release: "Pour like a Fountain, Cervesa"
While released, Koyama drinks heavily from her sake jug, a massive burst of light covering her. The energy forms a set of armor on her legs and arms, with a large array on her back similar to wings. These “Wings” can be launched at high speeds like blades, and can be used as shields as well. While in this form, Koyama exhibits amazing regenerative powers, though not nearly as strong as those of her Espada. Along with her other powers, while released, she can perform cero, her blasts appearing like searing white light, though it does nothing to affect the actual damage dealt. Each wing tip can generate a shower of light blades as well, more like a needle storm then anything else.

Standard Powers: Unreleased, Koyama retains a high regenative power, though due to her mostly intoxicated state, she is uncontrolled and rough, striking at friend and foe alike if she takes offense to anything said. She does seem to have a level head around the Espada, though it is impossible to tell if this is mere survival instinct or if she is fully aware of her surroundings. She seems unable to use cero in this form, though it uncertain at this point why.

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