Kotetsu Family

High Noble House Kotetsu

House Kotetsu is the oldest noble house of the Seireitei, and one of the most conservative of them, they are notorious for being xenophobic, conceited and deeply prejudiced. However, the family is also notorious for upholding the laws of the Seireitei even when they go against their personal feelings, the composure and politeness of its members in social situations and their power, both political and personal of the members of the family.

The Kotetsus are, however, strongly interested in the advancement of Shinigami society, both in matters of Kido and technology, and also security and internal economy. The Kotetsus are extremely wealthy and keep numerous businesess all over Soul Society.


The Kotetsu family is traditionaly patriarchal. The head of the house for the past two hundred years has been Hideki Kotetsu the eldest son of the previous, now deceased, leader. Under Hideki's command the noble house has eased its leash somewhat on a number of matters, including the family finally acknowledging House Ryder. Hideki is, however, strongly opposed to the acceptance of vizards in the Seireitei, which causes him to clash with Commander General Hayashi Daisuke extremely often.


House Kotetsu upholds numerous internal traditions, one of the most notorious being the fact that its members, to be considered fully fledged adults, must undergo a special training which, upon conclusion, allows the individual to mantain shikai release permanently. Those who fail in the training are not allowed to rise to political power within the house, and generaly do not achieve higher officer seats in the Gotei 13.
Being considered an adult in this fashion only relates to an individual's right to participate in the politics of the Seireitei, and has nothing to do with actual age.

Another tradition of the Kotetsu family is that one of its highest ranked members is always the Kido Commander. This tradition has not been broken in the entirety of the existance of the Soul Society.

In the politics of the Seireitei

House Kotetsu holds one third of the seats of the Central 42, additionaly, the noble house has always been deeply entrenched in the power structure of the Kido Corps, and has usualy had a close relationship with the 3rd, 8th and 12th divisions of the Gotei 13. The last one, in particular, has often received additional funding from the nobles for a few areas of research, particularly those where saner members of the division, attached to the noble house, are working.



Adult members

Young members

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