Koji only appeared in one post and was slain by Kira, the Quinta Espada. He appeared to be fairly young, about 20 and wore a red sports jacket and jeans. As a bount, he had a Doll named Kuroiga. He is also noted to have been the weakest of the Bount invaders' group

Kuroiga was a long, black dragon, was very submissive to his master. He had only two abilities of note while not merged, he could fly, and could fire a blast of black fire that clung to everything it touched and didn't die out as fast as regular fire. Merging took the two of them more time than others. Koji would be forced to chant an incantation while runic symbols floated around them for several seconds. When they finally merged Koji would have a full body armor, complete with a helmet and clawed gauntlets. The armor would have appeared to be made of black scales and the symbols would glow wherever the armor was stricken. The claws would also be used as weapons which are super-heated, causing burns whereever they cut. And, at the reishi levels in Las Noches, it could cut through even the Quinta Espada's hierro, even if only lightly.

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