3rd seat of the 5th division

Appearance: Kiyeshi is a left-handed, light skinned Shinigami who is garbed in basic Shinigami Robes with no left sleeve, his entire left arm is wrapped in bandages, his Zanpaktou and a nameless wakizashi hanging at his left side.

Personality Kiyeshi is a passive inquisitive person, he wants to know everything he can but he won't dig to hard to find uncover anything. He enjoys watching but not speaking when not required to.

Abilities: Kiyeshi is very skilled in Hoho and sword play, skilled in Kido, and poor in Hand to hand. he can animate the bandages on his arm to aid in combat, although he loathes to do so.

Reiatsu: Slate gray

Zanpakuto name: Nanakage (seven shadows)
black katana with a star patterned guard like Tōshirō's Zanpakuto, the hilt wrap is a light gray

Shikai "Overshadow, Nanakage"
seven swords each with a different ability
(from left to right):
-an ax-like sword increases Kiyeshi speed and related abilities
-a small Katar can cast deep shadows about the area
-An over-sized Shuriken that flies as directed by Kiyeshi
-the base sword of the whole ensemble, empowers Kido when cast through it
-the first of the twin blades when used with it's twin can be used to create small portals in which Kiyeshi can attack through to add distance to his attacks
-a lance-like sword that uses Reiryoku to slightly extend the length of kiyeshi's blades
-the other twin blade has the same ability as its twin

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