Kishihaiiro Mejiri

Vice-captain of the 5th division (acting captain)

Mejiri has been called something of a genius. While his fighting abilities in hand-to-hand, zanjutsu or kido are not incredible, his tactical abilities have saved the lives of many shinigami. In view of his accomplishments, he was transferred from the 4th squad to become lieutenant of the 5th (against his protestations - if he were to be moved at all, he would have preferred the 2nd division). Since the time its captain Toho betrayed Soul Society he has been forced to take up many of the duties of that post as well, meaning that he often ends up buried in paperwork. On joint operations Mejiri has sometimes come into conflict with members of the 11th squad, who dislike the existence of such a weak "captain", and prefer to charge into combat blindly than follow orders anyway. He has good relationships with Vice-captain Yen Kayzumai of the 2nd squad (now deceased) and Captain Darius Kiljaeran of the 8th.

Appearance: Kishihaiiro wears his lieutenant's badge at all times, being sure to take good care of it. He has indigo hair and wears a pair of glasses. His left arm is tattooed with the markings required for Bakudo #77, Tenteikura.

Abilities: Out of the various forms of shinigami combat, Mejiri is most skilled in kidou, including knowledge of healing spells from his time in the 4th squad. He also possesses the unusual ability to synchronise his reiatsu with others nearby, making his reiatsu near-impossible to distinguish from that of those around him. In general his lack of raw power forces him to rely on setting traps and outwitting his opponent in combat.

Reiatsu: Slate gray

Zanpakuto name: Enmu Gunshou (Mist Commander)
A katana with a grip of black and silver. It possesses an unusually heavy guard, with "vents" set close to the blade.

"Come forth, Enmu Gunshou!"
Mist blasts from the sword which, if he wishes, Mejiri can shape into roughly humanoid figures. Despite being made of mist, they punch with surprising force. If there is already mist or fog in the area, they are almost impossible to see. By creating walls within the mist, Mejiri can "bounce" sound to obscure the location of creatures within it.

"Step across the plains, sail across the waters, wake heaven's eye, Enmu Gunshou!"
A disc forms from condensed mist which functions much like a crystal ball. Alternatively, Kishihaiiro may use this ability to summon a large map of an area bounded by the locations of his "mist soldiers".

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