The Quinta Espada is labeled with the death aspect of insanity. This is not due to his resurreccion but to his behaviour. Kira acts as a fool and is always seen drooling, creating a massive puddle of saliva wherever he stands. He also acts like a child has often been found sleeping. This act is polar to the truth.

In truth, the Quinta Espada is a scheming, paranoid being, and as such, has no known fraccion. However, this is not to say he has no fraccion. He has three fraccion, who are all hidden to the eyes of the world whom he trains personally to protect his position as Quinta Espada.

Kira generally tries to drag out fights unless he is injured, even a little bit, and flies into a rage whenever he is. He is also known to butcher his enemies after defeating them. Leaving them a savaged mockery of their living forms. He does know Segunda Etapa, but so far, his brethren don't know that either, though Toho may have figured it out (still not his true behaviours though). His zanpakuto's name is Sufrimiento meaning Suffering in spanish, and rightly so, for the suffering and pain it causes his opponents.

The Quinta, as described above, is almost always seen drooling and his mouth hangs open when he talks, causing a slur. His mask comes over the top left side of his head, the form of the an upper human jaw. His gaunt figure is very unbecoming of his giant strength, and even more misleading is the small blade he wields in place of a katana. On top of this, his robes are always tattered and messy, with holes and grime littering them. He also sports long uncut hair that might be blonde, but is too dirty to tell whether it is or not.


Sealed Form: "Sufrimiento"
A jagged and curved kukri that isn't sharpened well, so it inflicts more pain as his uncanny strength (unbefitting to his form) pulls it from his victim.

Resurrección: "HAGE, SUFRIMIENTO!" (Rend, Suffering!)
Kira's mask becomes black as night and the jaw of his mask goes over his own, giving him the appearance that his lips melted away to show black teeth and bone which he grins stupidly through (somehow, he is still drooling though). His hakama is ripped to shreds leaving him nearly naked except for the black bone which covers his forearms and bottom of his legs. A new kukri appears in his other hand and the already jagged blade become rows of human teeth which never break completely but are already chipped. His strength increases exponentially as does his speed and he uses it to rend flesh and tries to keep from dealing lethal blows unless blood is drawn from his flesh.

Segunda Etapa: "SHOSHI NO CHI WO NAGASOU, SUFRIMIENTO!" (We'll make them all bleed, Suffering!")
The black bones enveloping his forearms and forelegs grow into spikes of the same dark material. His blades become one again, but this time into a string of black bones, all spikey. This mass of bones is wielded similarly to a whip, but it has a life of its own and the spikes can extend and the "whip" itself can curl and move on their own accord.

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