Kikuchi Kohaku


Kohaku looks fairly young for her age. That isn't to say she doesn't always look manic and dishevelled, having worked in the weapons program of squad 12 for years.
The reaper's skin is fair, while a bit tanned and usually covered in explosive residue. Her hair is black, and medium-length. Her eyes are a shocking hue of red. Altogether, though, the most noticable aspect is the fact that her right forearm has been replaced by what appears to be an elongated kido gun, as well as a metallic artificial leg, and an artificial heart that sticks out as a glowing red orb from her chest.
In addition, Kohaku's left eye is artificial, sporting the traditional Nuclear hazard symbol, and occasionally venting off energy when she's angry. Further purpose has yet to be discovered.
Kohaku's uniform usually has the sleeves rolled up, and she employs a decent-length skirt instead of hakama.


Kohaku is about as manic as her appearance suggests. She -loves- explosions and weapons, even though an explosion claimed most of her right arm. She's always eager to test the weapons she makes firsthand.
In social situations, she's rowdy, abrasive, and about as caring of other people as she is about the targets she uses to practice her weapons. That isn't to say she uses people for practice because of regulations… but one would be sure if they weren't there, she'd use live subjects to test her inventions all the same.
Kohaku absolutely hates Lexandra Kaizuki, as the same explosion that claimed half of her face took Kohaku's arm, and part of her ribcage/torso.

Zanpaktou: Jenosaido (Genocide).

Sealed form: A standard katana with a bamboo hilt and sheathe.

Spirit: A giant raven, with yellow eyes that have the biohazard symbol on them.

Shikai: "EXPLODE, Jenosaido!"

Jenosaido disappears into tiny particles, causing a reaction in the air around Kohaku that allows her to create small nuclear fission bombs that explode on contact with spiritual bodies or solid reishi, creating explosions of various sizes and strength depending on how long Kohaku spends charging them up. Full capacity is about equivalent with a full chant Hado 50, with an area on par with Sōren Sōkatsui. A secondary effect, when these "bombs" are used to counter other energy blasts, it consumes the energy as fuel and continues on its path.

Bankai: Not yet achieved!


Kohaku is almost always carrying around some new toy of hers from the 12th division. And when she isn't, she always has her handy kido driver, which can fire blasts at ridiculously fast and long ranges. Suffice to say in battle she will blow things up, and blow them up good.

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