Kibajo Kokokon

Name: Kibajo Kokokon

Rank: 12th Division 5th Seat

Appearance: Kokokon is a big man, with shoulders as broad as he is tall, no neck, and a bit of a gut. He has a large mouth that is often open in a face-splitting grin, revealing his two tongues, and a close-shaved head. His skin is covered in stitches, ranging from barely-visible scars to massive rents in the skin held together with duct-tape and a prayer. He is often accompanied by a frankenmeido or two.

Personality: His startling appearance aside, Kokokon is very personable, with thick skin, an optimistic personality, and a talent for working with children. He has a bit of an obsession with the “moe” factor possessed by young girls, which can seem incredibly creepy when juxtaposed with his talents in working flesh.

Release Command: "Give it life, Sutecchi!"
Release Form: Sutecchi becomes a massive needle, easily used as a spear or guardless fencing weapon. It has the ability to “stitch” things together, binding their outer atomic layers once both have been struck.

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