Kenshin Noriko

Horseman of War


Noriko is tall, standing a full 7'0" tall. She weighs in at 255 lbs, all of it muscle. While she has something of an "Amazon" figure, she's not, ah, "lacking", in any way. She wears her steel grey hair in a simple braid, down to her lower back. Her Hollow Hole runs through her upper right shoulder. Her Mask Fragment is a simple band across her forehead, helping hold her hair back. She tends to wear full body clothing (this outfit, but with pants instead of the skirt, and shoulders that aren't poofy), covering her from neck to wrist to ankle, which is loose enough to de-emphasize her figure. Her sword is belted across her back.


Noriko is rough, gruff, and generally aggressive. How she hasn't gone from Numeros to a Fraccion of Carcharadon is frankly unknown. That said, she tends to display a somewhat protective attitude to her fellow female Arrancar. While Abishai was alive, he was her number 1 target of hatred, due to, among other things, his treatment of Yeppun.
Her opinion of the conflict with the Shinigami is mixed. On the one hand, she doesn't hate them as a group; she figures the whole cycle of pluses, shinigami, and hollows is just how it is. On the other hand, she loves fighting, battles, and war. And this conflict has that in spades. Though she likes fighting in general, she's actually rather intelligent, and has a passion for tactics and strategy as well. Some may find her occasional quotes from Sun Tzu and Musashi surprising, all things considered.

Zanpaktou: Brigantia;

A 6-foot long Yari spear.

Resurrección: "Break Their Army, Brigantia!"
Noriko's mask expands into a simple helmet covering most of her head, leaving her eyes and face exposed. A breastplate of bone covers her torso, and the head of her spear becomes red. Otherwise, she does not seem to change physically. Her physical resistance to injury increases somewhat, and her blade cuts a bit sharper. Otherwise, she does not seem to increase in power.
Until she begins cloning herself. Noriko's Resurrección allows her to clone herself up to 5 times total, leaving 6 of her running around total. Each clone is perfect, having exactly the same level of ability as Noriko. They are each, for all intents and purposes, Noriko. As well, they are linked mentally; each of them can access the thoughts and sensory input of the others at any time. This allows incredible amounts of coordination between the Norikos. If any one of them remains after the fight is over, Noriko will be fine. An enemy would have to kill all 6 Norikos to truly slay her.

General Abilities

While not an Espada level Arrancar, Noriko isn't far off. Her Hierro, Sonido, spearmanship, Cero, Bala, and unarmed combat are all excellent, and well balanced (they'd all be about a 6.5 to 7 on a scale of 10).

Aura: Recently, Noriko has developed an Aura that increased the violent tendencies of those around her, often inciting them to more violent solutions, provoking fights, and generally increasing the desire of everyone around her to do harm. She can consciously reign this in such that no others are affected, but it does take some amount of will. In Resurrección, this aura increases in strength and size. Whereas before it only extended to a maximum of 20 feet. In Resurrección, it extends approximately 100 feet.

Cloning: Noriko has recently gained the ability to generate non-combat clones when out of Resurrección. Each clone is only about 3 times more powerful than a strong regular Mortal. She can generate 5 of these clones, matching the number of clones she can generate in her Resurrección. The mental link still exists, though, making them excellent research assistants; as well, they work well for games of strategy, such as chess and Go.

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