Ken Dai

Name: Ken Dai
Affiliation: Shinigami
Division: 11th Division
Rank: 4th Seat

Physical Appearance:
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 130
Eyes: Black
Hair: Black
Skin: Snow white
Ken wears the standard shinigami uniform without any variations to it.
He has a gaunt face with smooth features. His hair is short and straight. He has no facial hair. Ken appears to be a young man. He has a slender muscular figure.

Personality: Ken is a nihilist and believes in determinism. He believes life is meaningless, that there is no such thing as free will, that morality is purely subjective and that there is no perfect higher power worthy of worship. He feels strongly detached from most people. The suffering of others often doesn't bother him at all. He doesn't care at all about Soul Society or the mortal world. He has only become a shinigami to reach his goal of becoming as powerful as he can possibly be. This goal doesn't have a deep purpose. He has simply chosen it in order to keep himself busy so that he doesn't dwell on the meaninglessness of his life and because he wants the strength to do whatever he desires. One area of power he has decided to focus on is his swordsmanship. He wants to become the greatest swordsman in all of Soul Society. Despite Ken's depressing outlook on life he is still able to mostly think and feel positively like anyone else but he can be subject to bouts of feeling extreme emptiness. Ken has two sides to himself when speaking with people. Sometimes he is polite and formal and other times he is sarcastic and playful depending on the situation and who is he talking to. Sometimes he speaks in a joking manner to hide his shyness when he says something that embarrasses him. As an example, he might try to compliment a female or tell her he likes her in a very comical way because although he wishes to be taken seriously he worries about what that may entail such as a straightforward reply of rejection. Ken likes to joke around and has a very dark sense of humor. Nothing is sacred to him but he does acknowledge when it's inappropriate to say certain things. One other goal Ken has is to find one person he feels he can connect with and befriend him/her to lessen his feelings of emptiness. So far he hasn't met anyone that he truly considers a friend. Everyone up to this point has been what he would call an acquaintance or a temporary friend of necessity. One thing Ken dislikes is to stand out from a crowd. He doesn't feel a need to conform with people but he doesn't want to draw attention to himself. He likes the fact he has a uniform so that he doesn't have to think about what he will wear each day. Even if he didn't have one he might just wear plain black clothes all the time which would basically be the same thing. To further clarify Ken's beliefs about free will, he believes love is nothing more than a chemical attraction or the equivalent to a complex mathematical equation. He doesn't really care about the opposite sex but he definitely is straight. Ken has a thing for shy and reserved girls because he finds more outspoken ones intimidating since he has very little experience talking with them in general. He isn't sexist but he likes to emulate certain ideals of manliness such as never crying and never seeking emotional support. He has no qualms with killing people whether they are "innocent" or "guilty." If he makes any friends and they decide to do evil things he'd have no moral problem suddenly following suit since he doesn't believe in good or evil and does what will please himself. He would however first consider the plausibility of succeeding in a life of crime and the dangers of it as well as what he would have to give up for it. Ken considers himself to be an intellectual but wouldn't want to describe himself in such a way because he thinks he would sound pretentious. Ken has a high tolerance for annoyance and is a patient and understanding person. He believes that everything is subjective including subjectivity. When it comes to fighting Ken is fearless and feels no need to show his enemies any mercy unless he has a specific obligation to. Some might expect Ken to be depraved but he isn’t anymore likely to lie, cheat, steal, manipulate or bully than the average person. In fact he is less likely to do these things than most people because he simply likes to treat people the way he wants to be treated. He is humble and isn’t afraid to make fun of himself. He hopes one day to become a captain and a noble and to attain the titles of Kenpachi and Captain-Commander. He doesn't plan on developing any clever schemes to usurp the people above him. He simply plans to carry out his duties and prove himself in combat well enough to earn these ranks and titles like anyone else. Ken aims as high as he can because the more time and effort his goals require to fulfill the less time he is likely to spend thinking about his world views. If Ken ever succeeds in gaining substantial authority he doesn’t plan to abuse it or even use it much at all. He just wants the power to be able to defend himself in case anyone socially tries to attack or order him around.

Reiatsu: White and highly transparent. It is very inconspicuous. Rather than blazing like fire it generally forms a skin tight outline around his body. Even when released forcefully it just expands outwards and floats.

Zanjutsu: Ken is a very skilled swordsman even for his rank.

Hoho: Ken has developed well above average reflexes, raw speed and shunpo technique. He feels constant practice of this skill is absolutely essential to avoid being outmaneuvered and having his sword skills rendered useless by someone too swift to touch.

Kido: Ken’s ability to use kido is abysmal. Whatever he learned of it in the academy he has purposely forgotten because he doesn’t like using it when he could be fighting with his sword.

Hakuda: Ken is of below average strength in this area for a seated shinigami.

Reiatsu Manipulation: Ken is skilled at resisting the effects of spiritual energy directed at him and using his own to strengthen himself but he cannot attack people with it. His use of spiritual energy is pretty much entirely internal. Fortunately this also makes his presence harder to detect when he chooses to attempt to hide himself and the aim of his attacks harder to predict.

Strength and Durability: Ken is naturally stronger and more durable than most seated shinigami since his zanpakuto has no protective properties and he must physically engage his opponents to do anything to them.

Zanpakuto: Ken/Sword (written with the same kanji as the ken in kendo which means sword)
Sealed: Ken’s zanpakuto is a totally ordinary traditional katana. Its dimensions are of average size and its circular guard lacks any special design. Its hilt wrapping is black and so is the sheath of the sword which is equally nondescript.

Shikai: “Cut, Ken.”
The moment when Ken releases his sword it glimmers just a bit but nothing else happens. The released form of Ken’s zanpakuto is identical to its unsealed form. It greatly increases Ken’s speed and strength by allowing him to better control his spiritual energy. His aura doesn't change because the extra reiatsu released from his body and sword is condensed into each. Ken's zanpakuto also becomes much more durable as a result of the compressed energy.

Mindscape and Spirit: When speaking to his zanpakuto Ken sees the same setting his physical body is currently in. His zanpakuto spirit looks exactly like him and it shares his name. It basically has the same personality as its owner. This doesn’t mean the two get along perfectly. Why is his zanpakuto so boring? Probably because as part of Ken it shares his minimalist tastes.

Bankai: Not yet achieved.

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