Kayi Tierra

Position/Allegiance: Rogue Arrancar (Vasto Lorde Level, previous Espada)
Age: Unknown
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 136 lb.
Reiatsu/Spiritual Color: White and Gray
Health: Healthy
Hollow Hole: Chest, directly above the heart region (does not appear unless she draws her sword)

Mask Remnant: Appears as half a goggle over her left eye. It allows her irises to show through, but the eye socket fits completely. She can raise it above her eye so that it is not on her face, in which case it merely appears like half of a goggle attached to her head.


Kayi is generally reserved and cold but she is always genuine. She tends to hate slackers and being ruled over. Her independence usually shows in the sort of work she enjoys doing. She is confident in herself and her various abilities but never flaunts them. Most important to her would be to live a quiet life in the human world and not have to deal with the silly conflicts of the Espada and the Gotei 13.

Kayi enjoys living in places of extreme temperatures and seeing the beauty of everything. She also likes sailing and if she could, she would fly over the ocean simply to see the water all around her. She is learned about a various number of subjects and usually enjoys discussing various matters, so long as they are not at all political.


Kayi appears as a relatively tall, thin, and moderately endowed teenage girl. She walks with a confidence in herself, though she does not move in an enticing fashion. Her brown hair reaches her shoulders, and can be arranged in various different styles depending on her profession. Based on her complexion, Kayi is either South American or Indian in descent. Of her most noticeable features is her piercing green eyes, which seem at odds with the rest of her.

Kayi can usually be found wearing either work clothes or her school uniform. In her freedom she tends to enjoy wearing sports-type clothes, usually sweats of some kind.

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