Katisugo Ichimyouri

Katisugo Ichimyouri
Former presumed dead Captain of 12th Division
Exiled member of "The Remnants of the Fallen"

Appearance: Katisugo despite being gone for over 300 years and being a Captain before then, looks only as if he is in his Early 30's. His skin is slightly tanned as a result of being out in the sun so often. Katisugo wears a odd mask that covers the front of his face that morphs different expressions and symbols on his face to either express his emotions or to illustrate a point in his conversation. He is capable of removing this mask and often does when he's around close friends or allies. His hair is mostly dark brown but is tanned to a sandy brown color that reaches to around the bottom of his shoulders with brown eyes to accompany his hair's color. Katisugo stands at a solid 6ft 3in, and has a medium body tone and wheres a navy colored robe with a mosaic of runes inscriptions with flower petals that appear to be floating on the inside of the robe. He also wears a black gee with a dark blue belt tying around his waist securing his Zanpaktou. Katisugo also wears a pair of wooden sandals that is are also dark blue.

Personality: Katisugo is a very laid back person. He often spend time in hi office snoozing comfortably on the pile of documents, reports, and experiment results. The times when he is working though almost nothing can distract or stop him.(except a pretty lady) However, Katisugo hates working by himself and unlike some of the more reclusive members of 12th, he enjoys working in groups and will often help others with their little projects. In combat Katisugo is usually seen laying against the side of a wall or laying down on the side of a field. His laziness tends to affect how he acts in combat starting things off rather slow with opponents. He makes up for this laziness by having unique combat skills, a variety of Hado spells, and a mastery at most hand in hand combat styles. Katisugo has also grown to be very arrogant with the many new abilities he's acquired during his long period of disappearance. Despite being lazy, arrogant, and somewhat unreliable in combat, he has many good aspects that outweigh the negative ones. Katisugo seems to have the innate ability to become friends with just about anyone and loves giving people advice and words of encouragement. He often takes advantage of his charm and as a results borderlines between being flirtatious, to a womanizer. Katisugo response towards the younger members of Seireitei and those below him can be described as carefree. He likes to spend time with them and teach them about techniques he learned or knowledge gained from his life experience. Back when he was Captain, it was common to see him playing games, and interacting with the seated and unseated officers in his division. In short Katisugo relies on his fellow underlings to help him when he needs for an experiment and intern he often returns the favor. When Katisugo is around his superior he tries his best to show nothing but respect of their opinion and authority. However, he is also known to display his own beliefs and opinions.

Zanpaktou: Usagi No-Ashi
Katisugo blade would appear as very thin long sword with the guard of the sword designed like a four-leaf clover and is actually tinted green like a clover. The spirit of the Zanpaktou is an absolutely beautiful spirit-like geisha. Most of the makeup she used to wear has smudged away and her floral kimono has become blackened by ash on the fringes. Usagi, as she likes to be called is a highly intelligent spirit that can predict and even visually present the possible futures that could result from a given event to Katisugo or even other shinigami. Katisugo's connection with Usagi is so deep that Katisugo may only speak her name and she will appear before him or will alternatively be taken into his mindscape disappearing from wherever he was until he will his return.

Sadly, despite her fragile, and docile appearance, the mindscape she often surround herself with is the wastelands of Seireitei or a petrified forest after a great volcanic eruption. Katisugo has questioned the reason why she shows this imaged of the destroyed Soul Society in which she has replied more than once with a scary smile "It is a likely outcome of the not to distant future." Katisugo shared mindscape with Usagi though allows him to see not only the likely futures after an event such as a major battle outcome, but this mindscape also allows him to review past events. He can also allow others who are willing to enter his mindscape and even be able to speak with Usagi herself.

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