Modsoul working for Morii Kanji

Appearance and Personality

Kaori takes the appearance of a young girl with short, blonde hair. She always wears a long, orange dress with fuzzy white trimming and black boots. She also wears a high-collared, crimson cape that covers her neck and chin.

Kaori's personality matches her appearance. She is youthful and spunky, though she tends to act like a spoiled brat at times, often becoming bored with long explanations or speeches and complaining if things don't go her way. Not surprisingly, she is playful and will mock those people she doesn't like… And occaisionally those people she does like as well. Despite her childish appearance and attitude, she is still very loyal to Kanji and to those she considers to be friends.


Kido Barriers

Kaori is trained in a specific kind of Kido. While she does not know any of the traditional Hado or Bakudo spells, she is proficient in creating simple yellow barriers of various shapes and sizes, similar to the powers of Hachigen Ushouda. However, her barriers can be broken relatively easily and will not stand up against mid or high-level Kido spells. As a result, she avoids combat situations whenever possible, instead opting to use barriers to shield places and objects.

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