Julia- Fraccion to the Segunda Espada

Cero Colour: Scarlet

Appearance and Personality: Julia is a short, beautiful woman, with her mask fragment taking the form of the left cheek piece of a Roman style helmet.

She is quite kind to her friends, but is resolute against her enemies.

Zanpaktou: "Legionary"

When sealed, Legionary takes the form of a roman gladius, simple and unadorned.

Resureccion: "March, Legionary!"

Julia's Resureccion takes the form of a full suit of Roman armour and shield (although fitted for a woman, obviously), although the pilum is noticeably absent. Her Hierro is boosted to a level where an Espada would have trouble cutting her, although she does sacrifice some speed. She also gains an attack, "Valde Telum", where a pilum appears in her hand and she throws it at the opponent. This has a great deal of power behind it, and she prefers it to Cero.

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