Josiah Kane

Fifth Knight of the New Enclave

Appearance and Personality

Josiah has long dark red hair that he keeps in a ponytail to about mid-shoulder blades. His face is clean shaven. His eyes are a deep blue. His overall build is the very fit and muscular side of "average". He is about 5'11" tall, and weighs in at 165 lbs.

When dressed "casually", he'll be wearing black or dark colored pants, with a white, light gray, or blue shade shirt. He's not a fan of the fancier styles, so he can often blend into a crowd with some success so far as his clothing goes.

When "working", he will wear a suit of well-crafted half plate armor. This armor was custom made by smiths in the Enclave; it is lighter than most traditional alloys (approaching titanium in its weight/strength ratio), as well as being able to at least marginally resist spiritual attacks on its own. At minimum, the armor can provide the same protection from spirit entities as it can mortal enemies, even without the rune active.

Josiah also has, inevitably, several belts and pouches on his person when in full "combat readiness", to hold his various weapons, as well as supplies he thinks he may need in the field. Including a crude "ghillie suit" that he made himself.

Josiah is, first and foremost, a hard worker. He constantly strives to do what is required and asked of him, and often to take it an extra mile or two. He does this out of a combination of wishing to help his fellow man, and a desire to live up to his legacy. Josiah is one of the few (now the only) Americans in the Enclave at all. He and his countrymen entered service with the group in hopes of starting a branch in the United States itself. Josiah's family has something of a legacy to maintain in his efforts, stretching back to an ancestor from old Colonial times who fought back the darkness with strength of will and his own meager talents. Josiah heard many tales of this ancestor, and hopes to one day surpass him. If he gets to slay a few monsters in the process, all the better.

Beyond this, Josiah is a very reserved, but generally personable fellow. He is quick to lend a friendly hand wherever he can, and treats everyone with respect by default. If someone does something enough to earn his disfavor, respect does not exist for that individual. He's a bit of a charmer with the ladies, but it's mostly due to his polite mannerisms.


Josiah is his group's version of the modern battle tank. Thus, one of his primary pieces of equipment is his high-quality armor, which allows him to still match his fellows as they move across terrain on foot (aided by the fact that he is in incredible physical conditioning).

His primary weapon is a modified Baker Rifle (pictured with sword). This rifle has been modified to have slightly smoother lines, as well as darker metal and wood (both varying shades of dark grey).

Next up is his sword. Thought technically capable of being attached as a bayonet, Josiah never does so. When not being used, he carries it on his left hip, to be drawn across by his right hand.

Strapped to each thigh is a blunderbuss pistol, sharing the same smoother lines and darker tones as his rifle.

Finally, wrapped around his waist and held in a specially designed sheath is his chain whip. This particular weapon is about 4.5 feet long, not counting the handle, which adds about 10 inches. When stored, the handle rests at the small of his back.

As well, Josiah's packs and pockets contain a couple dozen feet of rope, some basic medical supplies, simple climbing equipment, several sets of lockpicks, and a few other miscellaneous pieces of gear that he thinks he might need. He prefers "over-prepared" to "dead" any day.


Reconcilio: The standard-issue Enclave Glyph is inscribed upon his rifle, sword, pistols, and whip.

Munimentum: This rune engraved on Josiah's armor allows him to greatly enhance the protective value of the metal, multiplying it several times. However, he needs to actively concentrate for the full power to stay for any length of time. After an activation, a slight charge will stay in the armor due to secondary rune engravings, but it essentially only gives about twice the protectiveness of the plain metal.

Multi Propero Arcus: This is one of three runes engraved on the rifle besides Reconcilio (only one of which will ever be active at one time). As this rifle was passed down to Josiah, he does not know the full potential of this rune, or the others. He does know that it allows him to fire small, magical bullets as if they were regular ammunition, but without the need for gunpowder or additional bullets. As well, he can fire more rapidly than normal, with no true loss of accuracy. (Eventually, it will allow true rapid fire, or a "magic missile barrage" effect from a single trigger pull.)

Candidus Spiculum: The second of 3 runes on the rifle. Currently, as well as giving the "magic bullet" ability, this rune allows Josiah half again the range and accuracy from his shots. (Eventually, it will allow the firing of small-scale beams; ranging from Hado 3 power and size, to a beam not quite as large in area as a Hado 88, but only the power of a 40-level Hado.)

Tantus Ignus: The final rune of the set of 3 on the rifle. Again, this rune duplicates the "magic bullet" ability. Currently, Josiah's shots do about twice the normal damage when he uses this rune. (Eventually able to fire a "grenade" type shot, which explodes with the force of around a 40-level Hado in a decent-sized radius.)

Multi Arcus: This less powerful version of one of his rifle runes is inscribed on Josiah's pistols. It gives them a "magic bullet" supply, although Josiah is able to fire either single shots, or small spread shots (similar to a small caliber shotgun). (Eventually, it will allow a weaker version of the similar rune on the rifle; about half the rate of fire, or half the number of missiles).

Glacialis: This coats Josiah's sword in a hazy mist. Right now, it simply grants an added freezing effect to his sword strikes (read: "cold damage"). Eventually, it might allow a few simple tricks, such as freezing bodies of water, or "cold blasts", but Josiah has not reached that level of skill and power yet.

Aeris: This rune currently brings the edge of Josiah's whip to a razor keen state, making it even more deadly. As well, it allows the whip to move more quickly through the air. Eventually, it could allow it to move incredibly quickly, as well as firing slicing blasts of air.

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