Johnathan Bowen

Foreign Vizard

Reiatsu: Dark Green normally, Pitch Black when masked. Does not yet know how to use Cero.
Background: Johnathan was not a shinigami. He had higher than normal spiritual power for a human, yes, but it only let him see pluses and hollow as blurs, if that.

But fate is cruel, and Britain, Johnathan’s home country, is filled with ancient hollow that have eaten century after century of war-torn spirits. After a while, some stop being hollows at shinigami understand them, and become things altogether more negative, their emptiness filled with negative emotions.

One such hollow was Hulmisadurim.

This hollow had eaten soul after soul with a strong association with pain. At first, it was purely accidental, but the hollow soon developed a liking for “properly seasoned” prey. Eventually, if became more an embodiment of pain than a hollow, seeking it out, inflicting it on both itself and its prey. It lived on it.

But eventually, its spiritual body protested. It became inured to the agonies Hulmisadurim inflicted, and its mind grew bored of tormenting souls. It never felt quite… solid. And so, the hollow sought a host. It would take a physical form and indulge in physical pain again. To this end, it claimed a Welsh teenager, the unsuspecting Johnathan.

Without much spiritual power himself, John quickly succumbed to the will of Hulmisadurim, creating a horrific entity that slowly underwent Hollowification. Over several years, the horrific gestalt entity, which came to call itself Vileblood, gradually began turning back into its original spiritual form. Vileblood desired to remain physical, and sought another host, but before it could do so, John decided to fight it. He had seen what it could do, and he wouldn’t see it happen again.

The inner battle destroyed most of the sewer system Vileblood had dwelt in, and ended with John, now some twenty years old, with a zanpakutou, a Vizard mask, and a spiritual body, just like a shinigami or hollow.

He tried to do the work of a shinigami in Britain, ending hollows were he found them, but he had no backup, no support. The order of psychopomps that had guarded Britain had fallen hundreds of years ago, when the people abandoned the “old ways” for Christianity, and then for secularity. John’s growth was extraordinary. His zanpakutou, Uslimahara, taught him shikai, and it aided him in his fights. But the hollow were innumerable, and eventually the ancient ones took notice. John was not yet ready to fight Menos-level hollow, and he was driven from Britain.

The following centuries led him across the globe, and he battled the resident hollow and psychopomps wherever he went, slowly gaining strength, eventually gaining bankai as he accepted Uslimahara’s desire for honourable battle as a reflection of his own repressed violent urges. He now seeks nothing else than martial perfection, and fate has recently granted he an opportunity to do so. The news reports of the earthquakes in J City, Japan, are a lie. John can see them, whatever they are, fighting above the city, and bringing it to ruin. They would be most suitable opponents. John and Uslimahara seek the perfect battle. And still Hulmisadurim bides its time, waiting…
Physical Description: John keeps his dark brown hair shoulder length in a wild mess. He also has a beard and moustache of matching colour that frames his chiselled face. His eyes are a piercing, wild, grey. His body is muscular and well-toned, but well within what would be considered normal for a human. His clothing is usually a pair of pale trousers, a white shirt and a black jacket, with a dull tartan scarf around his neck. Of course, there is also his mask (see picture). He wears his sword on his back.


Zanpakutou ("Girursa") - Uslimahara

Sealed Form: A Western longsword. The grip is bone and bound in dark leather.

Shikai/”Sagubad”: Sigra! Uslimahara! – Strike! Uslimahara
Uslimahara does not change physically at all. The shikai allows for one attack to be made at truly ludicrous speeds, practically nigh impossible for anyone to follow. However, it must be sealed and released again is John wants to use it again.

Bankai/”Imasubad”: Sar Urizengir, Uslimahara Gin Zalag – Calling Down Urizen’s Wrath, Blood Shines it’s Brightest At Dawn
In bankai, Uslimahara changes into a bastard sword. Its main power is an improvement of its wielder’s raw power. The bankai provides a boost to John’s strength and speed proportional to his rage. He gets angry quite easily anyway, but when he dons his mask…

Spirit: Uslimahara's spirit resembles a Celtic warrior. His eyes are a hard grey, and his fair, both facial and head, are very similar to John's own. Woad tattoos cover every visible inch of his skin, which is everything above his waist. He wears a pair of dull tartan trousers. His right hand carries a spear, and both the weapon and the arm that carries it are soaked and dripping with blood, the arm covered up to just below his shoulder. Somehow, the woad tattoos on his arm glow through the gore.

Hollow Mask

Like any Vizard, donning his mask provides a raw boost to his reiatsu, strength and speed. However, as it calls upon Hulmisadurim, John’s mask doesn’t boost them quite as much as with a typical Vizard. However, it does channel some of Hulmisadurim’s pain-related power. Particularly painful attacks dealt to John set off a reaction in his reiatsu that causes a massive increase in healing speeds for a short period after the wound is dealt.

Perhaps more worryingly, whilst masked, John cannot speak. Hulmisadurim, however, has access to John's vocal apparatus and can speak.

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