Joakim Morris

Enclave Warden and Quartemaster

Appearance and Personality

One of the older surviving members of the Enclave, the mission which led to their jump in time Joakim intended to be his last. While considerably skilled and experienced, his grumpy and brooding attitude combined with a questionable past made him generally not well-liked and distrusted among the previous knights and grandmaster, and thus he was never considered for promotion; after the time travel incident, he turned such offers down with "I'm too old for this crap". Nowadays, he's more than happy to serve as a quartermaster, the man whose stone-cold glare hapless recruits have to face if they want to have snazzy new toys.

Joakim is a tall, burly man with pale and scarred complexion. His shaggy hair is steel grey with few persistent black strands here and there, and his wrinkled face bears uncanny resemblance to aged Clint Eastwood ("Who?"). His eyes are silver grey and very bloodshot. He's usually seen wearing a traditional Circassian outfit, sans the dagger when foolish modern laws prohibit it. In his chest pockets he carries three silver bells, which decorated handles are always visible.


Reconcilio: Joakim has several weapons bearing this glyph, including a longspear and a crossbow. Most notable is a masterwork dagger he attempts to carry wherever he goes.

Glyph of Warding: Inscribed upon Joakim's clothes, when activated this glyph burns spiritual creatures who try to touch him. It also increases his resilience against their attacks manyfold. There are rumours that the users skin will turn into steel if the glyph is kept up long enough.

Glyph of Recollection: Engraved upon first one his bells, this glyph makes the sound of the bell return lost memories. It's intended effect is to revert hollows to their human personalities, making them want to be purified, but failing that, their momentary confusion offers a good oppurtunity to cut them down. The glyph works best on recently formed hollows, who haven't yet been stained by foreign hakus and evils committed as a hollow; as it relies on sudden remembrance, hollows who already remember their past won't be effected. It can also recover memories lost due to trauma or brainwashing, though this is not always a good thing.

Glyph of Exorcism: Engraved on the second bell, when activated the sound of the bell forces out spirits possessing bodies not their own. It is meant to drive away hollows possessing mortals, but it can also drive a Shinigami out of a gigai, a spirit out of another spirit or interrupt a hollowfication process.

Glyph of Holding: Engraved on the third bell, when activated the bell's sound stops everyone who hear it on their tracks. It's only safe if the user and his companions have plugged their ears; otherwise, the battle is decided by which party breaks the spell first.

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