James Crawford

Grunt From the ARC: Southwestern Division
AKA "Slim Jim"


Jim, surprisingly for his nickname, is in fact fairly skinny. His face is grizzled and weatherbeaten, but frequently broken by a smile, showing teeth that are in quite good condition. His eyes are a washed-out grey, and his hair is a sandy brown. He typically wears a button-down shirt, old jeans, and a ten-gallon hat. As mentioned below, he's seldom seen without Vera.


In a few ways, Jim takes after his CO. He's generally pretty easygoing, and seldom gets particularly angry, even in a line of work like his. He has very traditionalist morals, resulting in him being unwilling to fight, endanger, or curse or spit in front of women or children. He's a fairly skilled poker player, and doesn't cotton to card sharks.

Purifier: Vera

Vera is an old, beaten up hunting rifle. Jim typically carries her over his shoulder, and cares for her lovingly, claiming that she's the most accurate rifle in the whole damned ARC. It takes him a couple of seconds to line up a shot at any considerable range, but the shots fired are equal to a high-powered cero. Vera also makes a very good club.

Purifier Spirit: Vera is a stereotypical wholesome 1950s American housewife. She's one of the reasons for his backwards morals, as she harps upon him when he doesn't follow them. Other than that, however, she's a warm, considerate individual.

Shikai: "Let's roll on outta here, Vera."
Vera transforms into an Armadillo Cloak. A cloak of tough hide wraps around Jim's back and over his head, granting him great protection. When he wraps himself into a ball, he can then spin at extremely high speeds before shooting off, generating enough force to severely injure just about anyone, or cause severe structural damage to the area around him. The only limits to this technique are: the brief period of charging necessary before he can spin off (typically about a second), the fact that he can only move in straight lines while using this technique, and the fact that he gets nauseated after about five shots.

Other abilities: Slim Jim is an excellent marksman, highly proficient with most Bakudo, and, while not terribly skilled at Hakudo, a tough son of a gun who can take quite a beating, and outlast some opponents through sheer grit.

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