Izumito Akira

Age: 136
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 115 lb.
Reiatsu/Spiritual Color: Teal
Health: Healthy


Despite being a Lieutenant, Akira is rather unconfident in himself. He tends to be very modest when complimented and, despite being good at some things, he knows that there are people out there who are better than him. He always seems to take a very nervous attitude around people whom he knows are superior. Akira has never had any ambitions about power or success for himself because of this. However, when he is in his element, either doing something he loves or doing something he is quite good at, he becomes extremely serious about his success.

Due to his nature, Akira is very protective of those he cares about, especially those he knows personally. Because of this, Akira is a very open with his friends about himself and wants to be there for anyone who needs it. Though Akira generally is slow to anger or to act when something bad is happening, when someone he truly cares about is in danger he will drop everything to go to them. However, he knows when he is operating on tilt and is usually very good at controlling his emotions during battle. He is also extremely honorable and will not fight unless he feels there is a good reason for him to do so.

Oftentimes, Akira moves very quickly about emotional states. He can be extremely depressed one moment, then cheery and laughing and happy another. Usually, it is because these moods are fake and not really what Akira is feeling, though other times they are real. Akira is rather sensitive, and can be highly affected by events in his life. As a baseline, he is calm and reserved.

Additionally, he can move quickly between “crushes”, “loves”, or whatever other word he uses to reference them. He has learned not to speak about them unless he has reason to believe they are reciprocated, though he can sometimes make it a bit obvious.


Akira has brown eyes and jet black hair that barely reaches beyond his forehead. Due to both his stature and natural tendencies, he generally walks slowly and quietly, trying to avoid attention as much as possible. His hair is generally matted down with a small bit reaching over his forehead and he wears glasses every time except in combat, when he takes them off but seems no worse off without them. He appears as an average 20-year old young man with clearly Asian descent. He commonly holds himself with his arms crossed.

Akira almost always wears the general attire of a Shinigami, with few visual alterations. He usually does not wear his Lieutenant's badge unless he is in the Sereitei. Unbeknown to most, Akira has a tattoo of the 1st Division's symbol on his left arm.

Zanpaktou: Northern Starlight

Generally appears as a normal Katana with a 5-pointed star shaped tsuba and a pure white handle.

Its Shikai command is “Shine”. In this form, the entire sword becomes a pure white color, but 6 symbols appear on it in black, one around the hilt and the others in various places on the blade. It otherwise takes the form of a normal katana.

Shikai Special Ability: In its released state, [Northern Starlight] has three different abilities, each referred to with a name by its sigil number. When called out, a certain number of sigils glow on the sword and then appear in the air depending on which attack is used. The attacks cannot be repeated multiple times in quick succession, though usually that is not necessary.

  • First Sigil, Blazing Star: This sigil can be used in two different ways, and it is located on the hilt of the blade. By drawing the 6 points of the sigil with the blade, the sigil can be formed and then ceremoniously stabbed through the center with [Northern Starlight]. This releases a huge destructive force out from the sigil’s center, which generally strikes with concussive force.

Alternatively, it can be simply brought out of the blade, appearing directly above the tsuba on the blade. The energy can then be released from the blade directly forward. When using this variation, Akira generally holds his sword arm with his other hand, though this is not necessary to use the attack.

This attack’s main use is to counter other powerful kido or elementally based attacks by forcing them back at their users, though it is powerful enough in its own right as an attack.

  • Second Sigil, Pulling Star: Two sigils, located on opposite sides of the bottom half of the blade, can be used by touching each one and then pulling it from the blade. Only one sigil must be manifested to use the attack. Once a sigil is brought from the blade, it produces a powerful suction effect while spinning, pulling anything caught in it towards the center of the wind, where it would be grinded by the spinning blade of the star.

It can be used to grind energy attacks into nothing, as the suction pulls in both energy and material. The attack is, however, rather destructive and therefore not used very often by Akira. Additionally, this attack is unique in that both sigils can be used simultaneously to create suction in multiple different directions, though only two sigils can be manifested at one time.

  • Third Sigil, Triangle Star: Three sigils, all located on the upper half of the blade and appearing roughly in a triangle shape, can be used by calling the name of the attack and touching the center of the three sigils. They immediately appear and create a pyramidal-shaped barrier, though they can not create a bottom. Each sigil lies at the center of once face on the pyramid, and an energy shield runs outward from each. The shield generally rotates at high speed around Akira, so as to deflect attacks more easily.

This can also be used to perform a piercing attack by driving forward the pyramidal shield while spinning it like a drill, though in this capacity it is not very useful as a defensive maneuver. Its movements can, however, be controlled by Akira as long as he is holding the symbol on [Northern Starlight].

(Constellation of the Northern Starlight) In order to release his Bankai, Akira holds [Northern Starlight] out in front of him with his hand on it and, after gathering his spiritual energy, announces “Bankai”. Once released, the sigils on the blade glow and then fade from the blade completely.

Once formed, this Bankai takes the form of four sigils floating around Akira, their size increased to about the size of a beach ball in diameter. Akira’s sword maintains its white blade and black hilt, though when fighting in this form Akira tends to sheathe it due to the nature of his Bankai. He gains a white haori with long sleeves that covers his entire shinigami outfit, though it bears no insignia on it. As a matter of pride, when he activates his Bankai Akira usually takes off his Lieutenant’s badge and ties it to the outside of his haori when he wears the badge.

Bankai Special Abilities: In Bankai, [Constellation of the Northern Starlight] amplifies Akira’s speed slightly. More importantly, it reduces the time to initiate [Northern Starlight]’s techniques by removing the need to use the incantation, in addition to increasing the strength of the techniques (for example, Third Sigil, Triangle Star can now create a much larger, full pyramidal shield). He can, however, say the name of each technique as he unleashes it, which can increase the strength of the technique (especially the First Sigil). The attacks also have a much lower time between their usage, allowing Akira to repetitively use any of them one after another, rather than having to wait for them to be ready again after their usage.

Additionally, due the solidity of the sigils, they can also be used for bludgeoning attacks, though not at the same time they are being used for their ability.

Akira can control one sigil with each of his hands in addition to one completely with the power of his will, though if he controls the sigils with his hands their abilities are considerably more powerful. It is possible for him to control sigils without bringing them in front of him, though he usually chooses to do this for aiming.

Additionally, he gains two new techniques in this form.

  • Fourth Sigil, Newborn Star: Similar to how all the sigils are used in Bankai, Akira can either will this sigil to activate or control it with his hand. Either way, this sigil causes Akira to glow with spiritual energy, as well as anything he is holding in his hands. This greatly focuses the killing power of his attacks, allows him to ignore injuries that would normally harm him, and generally inflict more damage, especially with physical strikes. In addition, this sigil allows him to move much faster than he normally can under even his Bankai. However, maintaining this ability requires either a large abundance of available spirit particles or a great deal of expended spiritual energy from Akira.
  • Sigil Storm, Dying Star: All four sigils are used for this technique. Raising his right hand over his head, Akira calls the name for this attack as all four sigils move above him, rotating at increasing speeds around him in an orbit. As they rotate, a great energy appears at their center, usually taking the form of a disc or a sphere depending on the amount of energy Akira himself has when he initiates the technique. Drawing his sword (if he does not already have it equipped), Akira then drives the blade into the center of the energy and throws it forward using his sword. Upon contact, the orb creates a huge destructive blast, then immediately afterwards creates the force of a black hole at the center of the blast, affecting all except Akira himself. Once the entire attack is finished, however, Akira’s Bankai dissipates, returning to its sealed Shikai state.

Unlike his other abilities, Sigil Storm must be used by announcing the name of the technique and cannot be used otherwise.

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