Ito Squad

Another of the 13th Squad patrols, Ito squad is relatively new to the area, but are well-regarded from their previous work dealing with Hollows in the city setting of Tokyo. However, Tokyo may well have not prepared them for J-City.

Ito Fubuki: Former Leader of the squad. Hado specialist. Meganekko. Knows when to hold 'em, and when to fold 'em. Presently devoted retainer to Watanabe Yumi after a rescue attempt for Junko went sour; had a mild inferiority complex that drives her to do whatever she can for her Yumi-sama. She has since gained a healthier state of mind, though her devotion has not waned.
Fujimoto Kakashi: Zanjutsu specialist, grizzled veteran.
Himura Junko: Hakuda specialist, idealist, body whose soul has been was eaten by the Kageshiki. She has since recovered thanks to a contract with a demon. After returning to 13th Division, she remains extremely devoted to Watanabe Yumi, and has expressed interest in philosophy when contacted by a Quincy within that discipline. She serves as a meatshield in Plan Omega.
Hisakawa Mariko: Extremely good healer, highly competent in Hakuda. Amazonian in physique. Reduced to the mental state of a one-year-old after tremendous damage done to body and brain by Kageshiki in the wake of the aforementioned rescue effort.
Kagome Haru: Zanjutsu specialist, somewhat vain. Soft-hearted, and Bishonen. Also one of the few unseated who still hasn't quite gotten used to the terror of dealing with entities that far exceed you in power.

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