Ito Makato

Reiatsu: Sky blue, with flecks of white and grey.


Makato is a fairly laid-back person, for a seated officer. Though skilled with his sword and kido, he has no great love for battle except where necessary; and when he does fight, he usually tries to bring an end to the fight as swiftly as possible; fittingly enough, his zanpakuto is built for stabbing, not slicing, allowing him to finish opponents quickly.
He finds it almost impossible to relax with nothing to do or to entertain him; as such he can almost always be found reading a book, playing a game, or wandering the court, talking to himself when he has no official work to do. He also tends to stay awake long after most of the court has gone to sleep, only to sleep in until around midday, though he can usually run on almost no sleep.
He is a bit awkward to speak to; when he cannot think of a proper subject for conversation, he will spend minutes fumbling about half-formed sentances and topics in an attempt to keep the conversation afloat. However, when he does have something to talk about, he can babble about it for up to an hour before growing bored.


Dark-gold hair that extends about halfway down hi neck, being shorter in all other areas. White skin, green eyes, and a slight yet muscled build.

Zanpakuto: Tatakikowatta Kumo, Shattered Cloud

Sealed form Shape: A standard-sized katana, notable for the guard, grip, and sheath all being perfectly black. The curve of the blade is shallower than most, and the blade itself is slightly thinner, making it a blade built mostly for stabbing, rather than slicing.

Shikai: "Sora wo Kiriwase", "Cleave the skies in two"
The sword morphs into a rapier. The blade controls air currents around itself, effectively extending the length of the cutting edge by several hands past the visible end of the blade, making it a useful weapon for thrusting. On command, the sword can produce a cone-shaped whirlwind surrounding the blade and tapering to a point, in roughly the shape of a lance, though the size can vary depending on how much spirit energy the wielder feeds into the blade. The wind can be used to draw foes in, push them away, or cut anything that hits the wall of wind.

Bankai: "Ikimaku Tatakikowatta Kumo"/"Storming Shattered Cloud"
The blade from the Shikai reverts to the shape of a katana, though a long, thin one with an abnormally sharp edge. The guard vanishes completely. The blade then replicates itself several times, producing eight blades that float under their own power, surrounding the wielder. The blades are guided by a combination of the Shinigami's will and the sword's own personality. This form confers a large increase in Kido ability to the shinigami, as well as a heightened form of wind control, allowing him to effortlessly produce whirlwinds, slicing air currents, and the like, while simultaneously attacking with his eight swords.

The spirit usually manifests as a single eye and the surrounding area of the face, made out of a whisp of some cloudy substance. The eye speaks without a mouth, and the voice comes as if from a long distance away. Despite this enigmatic form, he is as talkative as Makato, and just as prone to babbling and rambling on a point. This annoys Makato to no end.
This only hints at the full form of the spirit, which is usually divided and spread about the mindscape. During Bankai training, it manifests fully, as a tall, slightly built man seemingly made out of cloudstuff, often carrying… himself. His manifestation changes depending on the shinigami's mood. When the shinigami is calm, he is a clear white, when troubled, a stormy grey; and when angry, stormcloud black, with lighting running through his form.

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