Isara Wessmer

The Former Septima Espada.

Physical Appearance
Isara is a slender young woman that appears to be about 17 or 18. She doesn't have that much muscle but is amazingly agile. She is 5ft 9in, has bright blue eyes, and sandy blond hair. Isara's hollow mask remnant which used to run across her forehead and held back her long hair it was broke by the current Septima Espada member, Alejandro Mendez. The remaining piece is located over the left side of her forehead. Her uniform which usually is in perfect condition but when her uniform was tattered in her fight with Alejandro she discarded several pieces of her old uniform to make a new one. When Isara's hollow mask broke most of her powers were lost and the remaining ones were greatly weakened and resulted in her losing her Espada status. Her number which is located over her collarbone used to have black X mark going through it, but she recently removed to remember who she was and why she trying to be different. Isara's hollow hole is located on the right side of her chest.

No one but the older members of the Espada knew what Isara's personality was like before her mask broke. Isara is extremely shy and ostracizes herself from almost everybody as a result. She does however love to be around animals and small hollows that are of no threat to her. Isara is also a night owl and prefers to do stuff at night when the moon is out.

Isara new personality (which is in fact permanant) is completely different. She still is rather shy, and a bit of a cry baby, but has great confidence when she fighting for something she believes in. Usually though she acts like the regular teenage girl, carefree and rather exuberant. This shows a lot around her friends and the members of Squad 13. She also still a night owl, but that normal for someone as like Isara.

Isara' also very unique seeing that when she became a hollow her older brother was attached to her still and melded with her, through her stages of evolution as an arrancar. Her brother acts as her conscience and is her source of strength. Unfortunately the soul of her brother is trapped within her and it was not until recently she figure out how to free him, and that is through purification.

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