Isaac Blake

Project Blacklight


Reiatsu: Always present, but far-spread and subtle. Feels downright alien, and not in the way the Fae do – it is still recognisably reiatsu, but feels very wrong. Visually, usually invisible, but when concentrated is black.

Background: The British wing of the Franklin & Edwards Analytical Research Corporation had always been the red-haired stepchild of the multinational megacorp. Never in its history had it made a ground-breaking discovery, either in the scientific front the company presented to the world or the occult-focused Shadow Projects.

When a sensor array the British wing had been working to improve was able to sense the multitude of Hollows, along with the odd Fae and Vizard, the division executives were naturally delighted. After conducting numerous “interviews” with captured specimens and discovering the soul-based nature of the entities they now found themselves interacting with, the British executives set up a new Shadow Project.

Project Einherjar was to investigate the possibility of using souls and other afterlife phenomena in battlefield and civilian capacities. Not two years ago, the Project had recently acquired an Adjuchas demonstrating shadow manipulation powers and were at a loss at how to proceed with it. When Project lead Isaac Blake suggested that they attempt to channel the Hollow’s spiritual energy into a human host, he was rewarded by being universally voted as the test subject.

The transfer process was a success, though the trauma of the process burnt out Isaac’s memories. The spiritual energy readouts from Isaac were different from the ones from the Adjuchas, but the research team declared the test a success. Isaac was redubbed Project Blacklight, and underwent extensive testing.

The testing showed Blacklight possesses a variety of useful and dangerous spiritual powers, but as time passed and the powers developed, his body came to require a reishi cocktail that the team named Nytox. Initially, Nytox withdrawal only suppressed Blacklight’s powers, but eventually it became as necessary as oxygen for him. The research team then built the Blacklight Suit to provide Blacklight with a constant source of breathable Nytox, as well as including various enhancements that refined his powers.

For Blacklight, this period was torturous, as he underwent test after test to see the limits of his capabilities, kept restrained by a shocking collar that fired off any time he went beyond the test’s parameters. When he became inured to the pain the collar caused, he lost no time in taking the initiative.

He killed the entirety of the research team and plundered their databases for information. Whilst his memories had been erased, Isaac’s natural academic talent remained, and he was able to assimilate the information at a healthy rate. After reviewing the Shadow Project’s files on the afterlife, he decided to leave Britain and pursue research elsewhere – the better to avoid the native psychopomps, and the easier to research in peace. Japan seemed good. Japan was a civilised country, and technologically advanced, too. The travel guides on J City made it out to be a rather quiet place, but nonetheless he could make out signs of spiritual interference. Perfect.

Personality: Isaac Blake’s personality was wiped clean, and the tests that Blacklight underwent have left the new Blake emotionally cold and somewhat vindictive, though his sense of sympathy is far greater than the old Blake’s. However, his natural scientific curiosity remains, and Blake is eager to learn and experiment.

Physical Description: Underneath the Blacklight suit, Isaac has become pale-skinned and wide-eyed. Major blood vessels show up easily across his body, and have turned black. His eyes and hair are an extremely dark brown. His build is relatively average, displaying no hint of his powers.

The Blacklight Suit itself consists of a helmet with a built-in Nytox respirator, body-wide padding, torso armour and claws constructed of a spiritually resonant alloy, which are in turn attached to a replacement nervous system constructed of the same alloy. The torso armour is constructed of what appears to be little more than polished black plastic, and consists of multiple segments that follow the structure of the ribs.


The Blacklight

The Blacklight powers consist of the following:

Blacklight Will: Isaac possesses telekinesis able to exert a significant amount of strength. Cars are as easy to move as doors, and Isaac can move much larger objects with focus. This power can also be used to create a blast of shadowy energy equivalent in strength to a chanted Hado 33.

Shadow Blink: This short-range teleportation leaves a trail of shadows behind it, and is equivalent to shunpo.

Blacklight Presence: Isaac’s reiatsu is thinly spread over a 50ft radius. He is able to pinpoint any outside source of reiatsu within this area, but can only sense reiatsu beyond that distance with intense concentration. Isaac’s alien reiatsu has traces of spiritually aware human and hollow to it, but overall feels utterly alien and unnerving.

Echo: Isaac can form a sword out of reiryoku to use when he has to. The hilt becomes solid, but the blade, which is straight except for a curve at the tip, is formed out of black energy. Functionally equivalent to a Seele Schneider without the vibrations or reishi stealing.

Strength, Speed and Toughness: Isaac’s physical capabilities have been enhanced beyond human limits, and are roughly between a third seat’s and a Vice Captain’s in potency. His agility and reflexes are beyond the level of his other abilities, at roughly Vice-Captain level, due to the nature of his enhanced nervous system.

The Blacklight Suit

In addition to providing protection, the Blacklight Suit has the following features:

Focus Claws: These enhance Isaac’s telekinesis so that it possesses pin-point accuracy, giving it manual dexterity slightly above that of human hands. They can also be used as weapons as a last resort.

Nytox Respirator: The suit’s helmet periodically provides the Nytox Isaac requires to live.


Nytox Dependency: Isaac requires regular inhalations of Nytox, a distilled combination of reiatsu from both himself and Menos-level Hollows.

Alloy Nervous System: Isaac’s enhanced nervous system is constructed of metal, and thus conducts electricity readily.

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