Hueco Mundo

Hueco Mundo is the dimension where Hollows and Arrancar reside. The landscape of Hueco Mundo is a seemingly never-ending white desert, and is always blanketed in a star-less, black night.


Las Noches

The fortress of the Espada in Hueco Mundo, and the seat of Toho's power. This gigantic structure can be seen clearly even from a great distance away. Erscheinung and his daughers claim that the cuarta espada alone built the entire complex.

Forest of Menos

The Forest of Menos is a nearly endless labyrinth of caverns and crystal trees in the depths of Hueco Mundo, far beneath the desert. The vast Majority of the menos hide in this place, thus giving it this name, and it is also where most of the Vasto Lordes make their realms.

Hall of Suffering

A torture chamber built to take advantage of Carcharadon Drakefast's ability to grow stronger when exposed to pain. His pain tolerance has since exceeded what the original hall had the power to inflict. In response, Toho has upgraded the hall into a sapient machine named Dolores that is powered with the stolen Sōkyoku. Hans Rojak possesses a knife taken from the original hall which can penetrate Hierro with ease.

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