Hrundel Bálfrost

Name: Hrundel Bálfrost
Title: Blazefrozen Jarl of Seething Rimefire


Appearance: Hrundel’s appearance is largely hidden by the bulky bronze armour that covers most of his body. However, between segments of his armour can be seen painfully thin limbs with little more than a veneer of charred and frostbitten flesh on them. A literal skeleton grin is visible from underneath his horned helm. His crown hangs at his hip on his belt, and he carries an overlarge metallic torch, its brazier filled with an orb of cold or fire, depending on his current aspect.
Personality: Either a coldly logical intellectual individual, or a sociopathic pyromaniac intent on mass destruction, depending on which aspect he is manifesting.


Frozen Heart

Hrundel adopts his cold, intellectual persona, gaining access to this personality’s contracts with cold and the north wind.

Major Contract of Elemental Cold: Hrundel has complete mastery over cold, and is able to summon and enhance it. Using this contract, he can use the following abilities:
Frost Nova: Creates a nova of energy that literally freezes those caught in it for several valuable seconds.
Rain of Ice: Calls down a rain of razor sharp ice that freezes the soul as well as the flesh, temporarily slowing the reiatsu of those struck and delaying a kido’s appearance after the incantation has been uttered.
Deep Freeze: Calls forth a blast of ice that chills the one struck to the very core. Their current kido is interrupted by the sudden stab of cold in their lungs, and creates a delay before the target can use kido again. Also consumes the kido delaying affect of Rain of Ice to create a burst of cold capable of inflicting frostbite deep within the target.
Major Contract of the North Wind: A strong North Wind descends on Hrundel, and carries him through the air or speeds him along the ground at his desire.

Relive the Immolation

Hrundel relives the immolation his father subjected him to, becoming more violent and hateful, and gaining a mastery over fire.

Major Contract of Elemental Fire: In this aspect, Hrundel has complete mastery over fire, and uses it in the following ways:
Fireball: It’s a big bolt of homing fire that is as damaging as one would expect.
Fire Nova: It’s a big blast of fire centred on Hrundel. The fire is not as damaging as Fireball, but the superheated air that comes behind it is more than enough to knock most creatures flying several feet.
Circle of Fire: A circle of heat around Hrundel so hot that is sets the ground on fire. If the ground isn’t flammable, then it melts and bubbles away. The result is the same – the ground is too hot to stand on, and anyone standing on it will soon lose their footwear and a lot of the flesh on their feet.
Inspirational Flame: Hrundel’s talent for fiery destruction, along with a passive pulse of beneficial reiatsu, inspires his allies to greater deeds. Their Wyrd quickens, and they find it easier to use “magical” abilities.
Rising Flame: The air around Hrundel grows so hot that a thermal large enough to bear him rises forth from the ground. The thermal moves as Hrundel wills it, allowing him to pass where he wishes on a pillar of superheated air.

Regardless of Aspect

Minor Contract of Stone: This simple pledge grants superhuman strength to Hrundel.

Adequate Contract of Celerity: This oath with Speed Itself allows Hrundel to move at speeds comparable to shunpo or sonido.

Average Contract of Mirror: This pledge with that which informs us of our own appearance allows Hrundel to alter his appearance to any humanoid shape he desires.

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